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Potato Europe

Potato Europe

Tournai, Belgium
Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening
DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V.)
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Event website:
Potato Europe
1 year

Update for the Event

Potato Europe 2023 will be housed at Tournai (Kain), Belgium. The trade fair will take place between the 6th and 7th of September 2023. Organisers have stated that due to the removal of the country's domestic restrictions, the venue does not feature for the time being Covid-19 safety measures. However, they are monitoring the situation and will adapt the site's policies as necessary.


Potato Europe, as the name informs, concerns itself with the needs of the potato's production industry whether it’s to present emerging trends and vital breakthroughs or to put on display the latest equipment and tools. The international trade fair is a mainstay within the industry as potatoes are one of the most important vegetables in Europe, so you’re sure to meet with the entire value chain.

Exhibitors enjoy superior business opportunities thanks to Commerce Village, where traders and cooperatives meet and do business in a focused and welcoming environment. Potato Europe informs you on all the industry news, and it’s often here that new products and solutions are first introduced to the world. The exhibition area contains harvesting lines and transfer trucks, disease prevention and means to protect cultivations, genetics resources and species innovations, water management and fertilisation.


Potato Europe follows a regular annual schedule and editions generally fall in September lasting a total of two days. The international trade fair is geared towards the farming industry, which admits only professionals, and demands the right space and conditions to fully showcase its product line-up to its absolute best. This is why the trade fair is held in rural areas and each year changes host countries.

Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France have all been hosts and the edition for 2020 has been set for Villers Saint-Christophe. Working hours have been set from 09:00 am until 18:00 pm set upon the official organisers – Europoint Conferences & Exhibitions and Fedagrim. Visitors will need to have some motor vehicle for transportation to the exhibition grounds as there’s no other practical information given about commuting through public transportation.

What you can expect as an exhibitor

  • A strong focus on generating sales leads and negotiating purchases given that the fair has a special area – the Commerce Village – dedicated exactly to this purpose. Direct results for you include brand recognition, growth in professional network and increased sales;
  • Opportunity to see the latest technologies in action through live demonstrations – there are 40 hectares dedicated to the purpose of demonstrations, and they’re divided between optical sorting demonstrations, harvesting demonstrations and reception demonstrations;
  • Potato Europe also does its best to address current issues and challenges faced by the industry at large due to changes in markets and climate change, so you’re also able to learn on all these topics at the series of conferences that also take place over the two days.

Audience & statistics

Potato Europe is a valuable event for anyone involved in the industry, and it shows through its big scale and attendance. You have 400 international exhibitors and an audience that in recent years has hit a total of 15,000 trade visitors, which in turn represent 50 countries. That’s a great market opportunity to tap into buyers from all over Europe.

The entire production chain is present. This means you’ll meet with equipment manufacturers, farmers, consultants, traders, packers, food retailers, processors and recyclers. However, it’s important to highlight that the majority of visitors – 75% to be precise – are farmers.


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Previous Editions


Potato Europe 2022 was held in a face-to-face format at the Rittergut Bockerode Estate from September 7th to September 8th, 2022. Due to the lifting of the country's pandemic-related limitations, the venue did not apply Covid-19 safety precautions. The event attracted 8,000 attendees from 65 nations.

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How to get to Potato Europe
On foot
On foot:

Flanders International Airport – not advisable

Tournai Station – 45 mins via Avenue d'Audenarde

By car
By car:

Flanders International Airport – 30 mins via E403

Tournai Station – 8 mins via Avenue d'Audenarde

By public transport
By public transport:

Flanders International Airport – Not Advisable

Tournai Station – 15 mins via transport K KAIN L'Alouette

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