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Munich, Germany
Electronics, Real Time & Embedded Systems
SEMI Europe
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1 year

SEMICON EUROPA 2022 will occur as a live exhibition in conjunction with electronica 2022. The event will be held at Messe München from November 15th to 18th, 2022. At the venue, the most up-to-date safety and sanitation protocols will be implemented. A strict 3G entry policy, social distancing, and other measures will be implemented.

Given the rapid technological development, SEMICON EUROPA remains relevant for the microelectronics industries as it focuses on the latest in innovations and achievements in semiconductors and materials. The international conference is a big draw with close to 6000 industry insider anticipated to fill the halls of the exhibition centre in Munich, Germany for a packed four-day event spanning the period November 12th – November 15th. Be certain to get special offers on your hotel accommodation through Trade Fair Trips ltd and save on your travel expenses! 

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Past Editions

2021 Editions

SEMICON EUROPA 2021 took place as a face-to-face expostion between November 16, 2021, to November 19, 2021. The trade show was held at the Messe Munich in Munich, Germany. The most recent COVID-19 prevention protocols were implemented at the venue. The edition featured a total of 231 exhibitors from 20 different countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Israel were among the countries that participated in the exhibition.

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