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Copenhagen, Denmark
Energy Production, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies, Energy efficient
WindEurope asbl/vzw
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Event website:
1 year

Update for the Event

The 2023 edition of WindEurope will occur as a live trade show in the Bellа Center in Denmark. The hosting dates are set between April 25th, 2023, and April 27th, 2023. Due to Denmark removing its pandemic-related restrictions, the venue will not feature Covid-19 prevention measures.

Introduction to the Event

Providing detailed statistics in the field of offshore wind energy, WINDEUROPE is one of the most important events for the renewable energy sectors with a strong draw from top-tier scientists, companies and government representatives. The international conference is held in Bilbao, Spain. Programming continues for a total of four days and thousands are anticipated to attend. Be proactive in your search for rooms and find hotels at reasonable rates through Trade Fair Trips ltd.

Right now, you can gain access to the best hotel deals for WINDEUROPE before prices go up and availability is aplenty. Get in touch with Trade Fair Trips ltd and you’ll be happy to save on your hotel accommodation without any effort. Our service is suitable for every budget and we always aim to locate you as close to exhibition centre as possible. At WINDEUROPE, you stand to learn about the progress of wind energy across the world alongside the new technological applications. Visitors include wind turbine manufacturers, national wind and renewables associations, research institutes, component suppliers, developers, contractors, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies, and consultants.

Past editions 

2021 Edition

WINDEUROPE Electric City took place as a live exhibition at Copenhagen's Bella Center. The venue featured the latest COVID-19 safety precautions. Among the measures put in place were a strict 3G entry rule and the requirement to wear masks. The event attracted over 7000 participants.  

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How to get to WINDEUROPE
On foot
On foot:

60 mins when travelling from Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

Not advisable when travelling from Copenhagen Central Station


By car
By car:

5 mins when travelling from Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

10 mins when travelling from Copenhagen Central Station


By public transport
By public transport:

25 mins when travelling from Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

30 mins when travelling from Copenhagen Central Station


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