12 Aug 2022

2 Events That Define Current Trends Regarding in Handicraft & DIY

2 Events That Define Current Trends Regarding in Handicraft & DIY

Handicraft, DIY and hobbies have exploded during the pandemic. As most outlets for relaxation and social life have been stripped away (even though lots of venues and businesses open up at the moment), people turned to domesticity and projects that can be done at home. We all remember how collectively we decided to bake bread. This has spread to other activities such as painting, sewing, embroidering, sculpting and remodelling home furniture. TikTok certainly helped in spreading all sorts of ideas and practices.

What lies ahead for the handicraft and DIY sector in the future. As with many other industries, the general consumer trend points towards sustainability. Customers have expressed their preference to responsible shopping – vetting materials and using them in a conservative manner. This means opting for more organic and recycled materials such as wood instead of plastic. Sustainability takes form in other ways. Many have moved away from single-use products all together and make their own self-sewn cosmetic pads for instance. This is done as a way to minimise waste and reduce one’s carbon footprint. Upcycling completes the picture. Old fences can become planters or turn into shelves. Clothing gets mended or completely repurposed. Old furniture finds second life as more people decide to fix, repair and repaint.

The trend towards organic materials is best seen in fabric crafts. Linen, hemp and cotton have become go-to choices for crafters during the summer, and wool is the clear leader when it comes to winter homemade fashions. On a side note, COVID-19 has taught us to value comfort, both in the house and in terms of fashion. Domestic bliss, as it were, shapes up the kind of projects people undertake in order to better suit a settled lifestyle.

We’ve chosen two trade fairs that do a lot of work to highlight undergoing conversations within the industry. The first pick is FIA Lisboa held annually in Lisbon, Portugal. The trade fair offers a complete portrait of different mediums - arts and crafts textiles, ceramics, working plant matter, leather, metal, stone, connected to the paper and graphic arts, traditional building, restoration of commons, handmade F&B Products, wood and cork, and finally restoration of heritage mobile and integrated. What FIA Lisboa does differently is that it centers identity as the core of everything at the show floor. Culture comes first. Organisers work hard to support regional development and local cultures. There’s a lot done to showcase the amazing work of micro, small and medium sized enterprises.

In Cologne, Germany, h + h Cologne casts the web wide when it comes to what it represents. The international trade fair services the entire textile handicraft industry. The event is on everyone’s calendar as h + h Cologne attracts specialised dealers from all across Europe alongside further out from large countries like Brazil and India. In its ten-year history, the h + h Cologne has experienced a meteoric growth, which underlines the necessity of such an event. Once a central meeting point only for Europe, the trade fair has earned its status as an international leader.

The recent transition into a hybrid event means opening its resources even wider to welcome those companies too small and financially restricted to make the journey. Not only does this result in a higher level of business contacts and deals being made, but also a better overlook of major trends in different markets. The online platform certainly helps extend visibility well beyond the duration of an edition. h + h Cologne features Theme Worlds as guiding posts for visitors – Go Trendy, Go Green, Go International and Go Business.

Both trade fairs provide competitive business opportunities for brands and creators, as well as a solid foundation to understand major changes in the industry at this very moment.

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