24 Jan 2022

4 Advanced Materials & Composites Trade Shows You Can’t Afford to Miss

4 Advanced Materials & Composites Trade Shows You Can’t Afford to Miss

Composites and advanced materials are facts in today’s manufacturing cycles no matter what field or business sector you look into. Their application matters in the production of fine machinery and the next eight-year prognosis see this trend shoot up exponentially. Perhaps one of the biggest trends in recent years, which is expected to expand, is the use of thermoplastics, which are naturally used in the automotive and now the aviation industry.

Other trends include the broader application of carbon fiber-reinforced composites and the continued growth of glass fiber-reinforced composites for less demanding applications. We’ve selected four must-see trade shows that give you an overview of these trends and so much more. All are located in Europe and serve as great international hubs for multi-national corporations, and a springboard for world-changing technologies!

When we talk about overall advancement in industrial technology, we talk about HANNOVER MESSE. This annual exhibition unites all different types of industrial manufacturing and shows all the technical breakthroughs in processing technology, advanced materials and composites. The exhibition maintains a rich product portfolio – environmental technology, additive manufacturing systems, micro-actuator systems, motors, coating materials, building automation. That’s only a small part of what’s available for buyers to research and discover.

HANNOVER MESSE has now turned into a prime meeting point for the larger economic forces in Europe – Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. A packed program complete with forums like the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit – GMIS ensures the best informative experience for specialists, experts, scientists and buyers. Visitors are able to hear high-ranking experts and political figures like Angela Merkel dive deeper into new horizons to explore.

Next in our list we have Advanced Engineering held in Birmingham, UK. Another annual trade show, Advanced Engineering’s claim to fame is the fact that it’s the only dedicated composite materials, design and processing fair in the UK. As a result, the trade show provides a much-needed platform and guarantees an entrance to the UK market as a whole for international exhibitors. The particular nature of the trade show means that the format is geared towards the entire processing chain.

The exhibition halls are populated with everything – raw materials, chemicals, composites design, simulation, tooling, ancillaries and assembly. You observe the process from start to finish and have access to cutting-edge technologies as they’re being introduced to the world as a whole. The show builds itself around several sectors – Composites Engineering, Aero Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Performance Metals Engineering and Connected Manufacturing. Rolls-Royce, Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley Motors are brand names associated with the show.

Let’s narrow down the scope from the general to the specific. Ceramitec takes place in Munich, Germany and specializes in the ceramics and powder metallurgy sectors. This means everything you may need – machinery, equipment, processes and raw materials is accounted for. Ceramics and finer materials are constantly being reapplied in industrial manufacturing, presenting brand new opportunities to companies. As a result, ceramic technologies are experiencing rapid growth.

What makes Ceramitec interesting is that it’s held only one every three years, so no edition feels like the one before. Exhibitors, technology and visitors are all fresh and new, which allows a lot of business opportunities for companies who are in it for the long run. The product portfolio has metal powder products, mills, nanopowders, filter technology, fine ceramics, furnaces, glazes and automation technology. In addition, you don’t want to miss the DKG Annual Meeting, Conference, themed days, forum and a special career day.

The textile industry also sees interesting new developments in the creation of advanced materials, especially outside the fashion industry. Techtextil Frankfurt perfectly captures the spirit of change and massive innovation. The international trade show arrives every two years in Frankfurt and creates a dynamic environment for meeting with potential customers, networking and exploring new products that have hit the market.

In terms of products, Techtextil Frankfurt has a lot to offer as the exhibition space is organized into 11 themed sectors – associations, publishers, functional apparel textiles, composites, coated textiles, nonwovens, bondtec, fibres and yarns, woven fabrics (laid webs, braidings and knitted fabrics); technology, processes, accessories; and research, development, planning, consulting.

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