4 May 2022

5 Major International Trade Fairs for the Paints, Coatings and Additives Industry

5 Major International Trade Fairs for the Paints, Coatings and Additives Industry

One of the biggest influences of the coatings, paints and additives industry is climate change and depleting natural resources. You can’t manufacture without the raw materials. Companies invest a lot in technologies that will create sustainable use of resources, increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Industrial pollution is one of the biggest reasons why we’re in the midst of a climate crisis and everyone is now working towards creating a circular economy.

Not to mention how important digitisation and automation have become in realizing these goals. We’ve made sure to select five major events all over the world, which actively change the industry.

If you’re invested in making moves in China and Central Asia as a whole, you can’t do any wrong by getting yourself an exhibition booth at CHINACOAT. This international exhibition operates out of Guangzhou and presents the right conditions to penetrate the Chinese market for coatings, printing inks and adhesives. It’s been going on strong for 30 years and serves as the stage for the country’s biggest suppliers and buyers. The quality of qualified leads is unmatched.

CHINACOAT also provides a strong technical programme, which comes in the form of a seminar series held by the top experts in China. You’ll hear all about developing technologies, research and overall breakthroughs.

In the West, there’s the ever-popular European Coatings Show. It has a similar history as it started out in 1991 and since then it’s been the heart of the European paints and additives industry. The product variety is truly impressive. The exhibition halls house everything from coolers, bottling equipment, oils and equipment construction to filtration systems, hardware, resins and polymers.

The trade show operates out of Nuremberg, Germany and is the primary B2B business platform for major suppliers and manufacturers in Europe such as Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland, France and Spain. In recent years, the European Coatings Show has expanded its reach and now the numbers of trade visitors from Asia, Africa and Australia have grown a lot!

Next on our list is Interlakokraska. It’s a highly specialised exhibition aimed at paint and varnish production. Based in Moscow, Russia, Interlakokraska is a major centre for innovation and business on the territory of Russia and receives support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation alongside other major state unions and associations. An exhibition booth here grants you access to the entire country’s market.

Interlakokraska has three salons – Surface Treatment, Antirust Protection and Special Coatings. Together they represent the entire value chain in the Russian Federation. You will be able to meet up with high-ranking professionals from the construction industry, the chemical and oil and gas complexes, woodworking and furniture manufacturing, automotive industry, aircraft construction and shipbuilding.

PAINTEXPO is another German fair of great importance to the industrial coating technology sector. Editions are held in Karlsruhe every two years and break down innovations and solutions for each link across the processing chain. You’ll experience developing technologies in the areas of liquid painting and powder coating. That’s what makes PAINTEXPO truly indispensable for major buyers involved across all areas of industrial manufacturing.

It’s also worth noting that the trade fair has consistently been growing over the years. Since 2006, each edition has reported an increase in visitors and exhibitors compared to its previous editions.

Let’s end our list with a stop in the UK! SURFEX runs every two years out of the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and impresses trade visitors with its rich product portfolio. Buyers have a full overview of oils, paints, waxes, additives, monomers, coats, fillers, solvents, resins and polymers. That’s what makes SURFEX such a popular procurement platform. Visitors are able to research markets and make comprehensive purchases.

We also have to talk about the excellent information programme. You really don’t want to miss the presentations and workshops part of TechFocus. That’s only the tip of the iceberg!

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