3 Aug 2021

5 Most Productive Events for Agriculture, Horticulture and Gardening

5 Most Productive Events for Agriculture, Horticulture and Gardening

We’re currently operating under major restrictions, when it comes to growing anything – be it for human consumption or decorative purposes. Climate change and the high rates of construction over green territories create a rather hostile environment for plants and crops to thrive.

What are machines and equipment necessary to get the most out of your green space? What are the best ways to approach plant growth and care? What should the sustainable garden of today look like? The answer to all these questions can be found at five famous international trade fairs we’ve selected for you today.

We’re kicking off our list a trip to Hannover, Germany for Agritechnica. This international trade fair has a long history and might just be among the oldest events for agricultural machinery and equipment, because it’s a version of the DLG Exhibition that dates back to the late 19th century. Today, Agritechnica commands trends and markets all around the world. It’s the definitive source for new farm equipment and agricultural machinery. It’s currently the biggest exhibition of its kind in the world.

EIMA International operates out of Barcelona, Italy and much like Agritechnica, it’s focused on the needs of farming and celebrates advancements in agricultural machinery and equipment. What is new is also the inclusion of products and equipment meant for gardening and upkeep of parks, sports fields and other green spaces. EIMA International is not just a platform for selling and purchasing.

Universities and institutes attend along with their students in order to get relevant information on important events. All this information is available at EIMA Campus. Of course, there’s also a zone dedicated for professional training and safety. There will be consultations with experts and live demonstrations.

It’s time to move away from agriculture for a bit and focus exclusively on landscaping. GaLaBau, held in Nuremberg, Germany, enjoys the reputation as the largest fair for the garden and landscape anywhere in the world. Equipment and products center on design, construction and maintenance of urban, open and green spaces. GaLaBau operates as a major procurement platform. Exhibitors make a quick return on their expenses, but there’s a lot more to this.

The exhibition has construction companies, landscape architects, specialist dealers of power tools, and planners from federal, state, and local authorities come together and network. Together they create the look and image of green spaces. GaLaBau is a true trendsetter with an incredible support program. Special shows and exciting demonstrations truly bring to life the product range.

In the world of horticulture, there’s no better trade fair than IPM ESSEN. Even the name means the International Plant Fair in German. It’s the premiere meeting place for florists, landscapers, gardeners, growers and decorators. Visitors can chart the full value chain as we start from plant growing and move on through floristics and technology right until the very end, which is the point of sale.

That’s what makes IPM so accessible and attractive to trade visitors and the incredible support program. One of the most valuable parts of IPM is the horticultural forum, which tackles quite a few economic challenges and offers solutions. Another highlight is the training day, which gives pupils hands-on practical advice and business skills to break into the industry.

We’re closing off the list with spoga + gafa. This international trade show targets only gardening and is the most specialized out of all trade fairs. Everything you want to know about garden work and trends, you can find it at spoga + gafa. Cologne, Germany is the home base for the event and it oversees the aesthetic and upkeep of gardens. The product portfolio is divided into living, bbq, creation & care, and unique products.

City gardening is one of the big topics at spoga + gafa as the demand for green spaces in highly urbanized territories skyrockets. We also have to highlight that this is the first trade show to really ask the question ‘Is gardening truly sustainable and how can we get it there?’

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