15 Dec 2021

5 Must-See Events for Sports, Outdoors & Excitement

5 Must-See Events for Sports, Outdoors & Excitement

The pandemic has certainly posed interesting questions about our fitness and physical health. How is the industry going to change in the upcoming years? What about other areas of sports that are not confined to gyms and fitness facilities? We’ve compiled just the list for you that shows you the latest strategies and contingencies in the fitness, sports, and outdoors sectors. Coincidentally, it turns out that all five events we’ve selected are based in Germany.

We’ll open the list with a trade show that has more of a relevance for regional markets; FIBO. It’s held annually in Cologne, Germany and is mostly relevant for exhibitors and buyers in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France. The trade show covers every major category of wellness, beauty and fitness. It’s perfect for networking and a wealth of inspiration for what’s to come and trends that are hot.

FIBO offers visitors not just the means to broaden their sales lists, but learn all there is in their related field. The educational programme features highlights such as the Meeting Point Health & Wellness for physiotherapists and therapists, and the European Health Futures Forum.

What about the infrastructures and the material base for sports of any kind? FSB is the trade show that covers the bigger questions surrounding sports – architectures, facilities and equipment to get gyms, pools and municipalities where they need to be to stay competitive. FSB has a very specific target audience as it’s more suitable for playgrounds and play sites, swimming pools, sports halls and courts. What’s the future of urban design? How do you work with free space in the context of a community? All the answers await you at FSB held once every two years in Cologne, Germany. Thanks to the Architecture Prizes, lectures and seminars at the FSB Forum, you can see the future of urban space and sports facilities take shape.

Based in Munich, Germany, ISPO corners the sporting goods market. Physical fitness has evolved into a state of mind and a true lifestyle, which is completely reflected in the way athletic footwear and sports fashion has been designed and marketed. Health and fitness are powerful industries that generate billions and ISPO has established itself as the definitive trade show on the territory of the European Union. You won’t get any other opportunity to experience the wealth of the value chain and make contact with high-value connections.

ISPO Munich also focuses a lot about the future of the industry. It’s not just about selling products, but figuring out what the next chapter in sporting goods is going to be. To that end, organisers line up lectures, workshops and panels on everything from environmental and social responsibility to digitalisation, social media and supply chain management.

Next stop is IWA & OutdoorClassics, which is based in Nuremberg, Germany. The trade show’s all about the outdoor lifestyle whether you appreciate outdoor activities as a whole or are a hunter by nature. You will discover all the necessary products, accessories and equipment necessary for a good outing in nature. Hunting gear, guns and sporting guns are the best sellers at the show and visitors are able to see them in action. Messe Nuremberg has given organisers the space to hold two shooting ranges – the Archery Shooting Range and Airsoft Shooting Range.

IWA & OutdoorClassics is a well-rounded event overall. Sure, it’s important to introduce buyers to their relevant exhibitors and manufacturers, but there’s a lot of support for professionals at all levels. Trade visitors can see for new opportunities in the industry at the Job Fair and pick up the latest news at the IWA Forum.

We’re going to wrap our list with a truly magnificent trade show – spoga horse. The trade show is the definitive go-to for all you need in terms of caring horses and equestrian sports. There’s the full value chain on display. Only the best in equestrian clothing, equestrian equipment, feeding, care, saddlery and leather goods and products to stall, pasture and transportation as well as services in the industry. You can discover just about every way to make sure your horse is happy, healthy and a winner during competitions.

Speaking of competitions, exhibitors run neck to neck in order to compete for a coveted trophy at the TOP INNOVATIONS Awards and the HIPPO Dealer Award. There’s quite a bit of excitement with programming highlights like forum academy and the fashion show.

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