24 Jun 2021

5 Trade Shows in the Energy Industry Doing Groundbreaking Work

5 Trade Shows in the Energy Industry Doing Groundbreaking Work

Climate change and sustainability are more than just buzzwords for the energy industry compared to other industries. The pressures to change course and move away from fossil fuels are very real. So is finding new ways to operate without further contributing to the greenhouse gases.

Time is of the essence and the five international trade fairs we’ve highlighted in this list are already on the ground running.

E-World Energy & Water is one of the essential trade fairs dedicated to the energy industry and a staple for energy companies in Europe. This annual event operates out of Essen, Germany and covers basically all areas of interest. There are zones covering energy production, transport and storage to energy trading, efficiency and green technologies. The future of energy is green, which is why E-World Energy & Water works hard in the fields of energy storage, decentralized systems and green energy services.

All major European energy decision-makers are going to be in attendance. You don’t want to miss the change to be this well connected and benefit from the first-rate conference program.

Have you wondered what a smart city would look like? Or a smart home? Enlit Europe is here to answer the questions through an exciting new format and emphasis on intelligent energy solutions. Enlit is the product of merging the popular European Utility Week with POWERGEN. The result is not just a trade show for business purposes, but the creation of an active community. That’s one of the mission statements of the project.

The team behind Enlit is working hard to place you in front of professionals representing power generators, utilities, grid operators, energy companies, retailers, energy traders and exchanges, IPPs, plus commercial and industrial energy users. You also get to see the potential of hydrogen as a powerful tool in assisting in the transition of the energy sector. Just visit the Hydrogen Europe Zone, which will educate you on the emerging value chain.

Unlike other trade shows we’re featuring that directly handle energy generation and storage, ISH is embedded in practical aspects of energy use for the end consumer. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, ISH has been declared as the leading trade fair for HVAC + Water on a global scale. The question ISH answers is how does one use energy in a sustainable fashion for heating and air conditioning?

The technologies at Messe Frankfurt show solutions for achieving climate protection targets and conserving resources through the use of renewable energies. Digitalisation and smart solutions are a big factor when it comes to creating new home environments. ISH is where the future of living is being designed as we speak.

In Dubai, UAE, Middle East Energy is the international trade fair, which pushes forward cutting-edge technologies within the energy sector. The event used to run under the name Middle East Electricity, but was rebranded wholly in order to get fully in step with the mission to usher in a brand new vision for the energy sector. In 2022, visitors can expect a Digitalization Zone and a Green Hydrogen Zone, which will host groundbreaking innovations.

As a whole, MEE is quite comprehensive and ensures all links in the value chain are represented to the fullest. The exhibition area is divided among 5 sectors – critical & backup power, renewable energy, transmission & distribution, energy consumption & management, and smart solutions.

Lastly we’ve decided to go to Europe. More precisely the Northern-most region in Scandinavia – Norway. ONS is shortened from Offshore Northern Seas and takes place in Stavanger, Norway since 1974. The offshore energy industry has been a major source for energy generation on the territory of Europe. ONS is the ideal platform for showcasing the latest innovations and present attendees with the right conditions to connect and inspire each other.

ONS commits itself to helping the environmental cause by helping the industry transition towards a sustainable energy future. This will be best reflected in the programming for the conference. In 2022, ONS will be organised around the overarching theme of The Glue of Society, which is trust and trade show will inspire further collaboration and cooperation for the good of all.

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