8 Jan 2024

In 2024, These Are the Largest Trade Fairs Taking Place in Europe

In 2024, These Are the Largest Trade Fairs Taking Place in Europe

As the events industry prepares for another successful year, we’re here to highlight the trade fairs that will create the most headlines in the upcoming year. Europe has always been a bustling centre when it comes to economic activity and these events prove this reputation once again.

Without further ado, here are the largest trade fairs to look forward to in 2024!

НОRЕСАVА 2024: January 8th – 11th; Amsterdam, Netherlands

HORECAVA 2024 is once again in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to deliver a curated journey through the culinary industry. The global trade fair has long cemented its position as a paramount meeting point for the hospitality industry, drawing in influential players from worldwide hotels, catering companies and food services. Odd years, labelled as wet years, spotlight large brewers, coffee producers and kitchen exhibitors. On the other hand, even years, known as dry years, focus on foods such as fresh produce alongside fast service, interior decoration, and hotel equipment.

What’s not to like? It’s certainly the go-to destination for 71,000 international trade visitors and 40,000 companies seeking new products and services. Dating back to 1957, HORECAVA has evolved over the years and today is the definitive arbitrator of quality and excellence through its HORECAVA Innovation Award that regularly pulls in over 200 entries, clamouring for recognition and improved reputation.

HORECAVA remains at the pulse of industry trends and fosters the next generation of talent and business owners. The two themed areas, TrendLAB and StartupLAB, take on the brunt of this responsibility. TrendLAB explores eating, drinking, and sleeping outside the home in particular.

Image: horecava

Lіght + Вuіldіng 2024: March 3rd – 8th; Frаnkfurt аm Маіn, Gеrmаnу

Light + Building 2024 is the foremost event for the lighting and building industries to chart a new direction. Editions have become a breeding ground for cutting-edge technologies that address ecological and economic challenges. Held in Frankfurt, this high-calibre event aims to demonstrate how design can meet innovation with breathtaking results. The numbers are there. Editions always pull in large crowds (220,000+ international trade visitors from 160 countries), who are invested in sourcing only the best from the 2700 international exhibitors present. Notably, 41% of visitors were first-timers, and 31% wielded full decision power in making purchases.

Running successfully for two decades since its founding in 2000, Light + Building has shaped the future of construction and lighting. Every two years, exhibitors present the next generation of lighting, electrical engineering, building automation, and civil engineering software.

Image: messefrankfurt

Analytica 2024: April 9th – 12th; Munich, Germany

Analytica 2024 – the home for experts in biotechnology, science and research. The trade fair is the home away from home for the scientific community working in laboratory equipment and analysis to celebrate achievements and further their groundbreaking work. The trade fair’s claim to fame is that it’s among the longest-running in its industry. This fact positions it as THE platform for innovation across chemistry, pharma and the medical sectors. It’s how Analytica has come to pull in over 35,000 trade visitors every edition. International participation is also high, reaching 111 countries in its most recent edition.

What can you hope to discover? In short, everything. Bioanalysis, diagnostics & medicine, Lab 4.0, lab automation, bioinformatics, food analytics, drug discovery and material analysis.

Image: ntradeshows

Fоіrе Іntеrnаtіоnаlе dе Воrdеаuх 2024: May 18st – 26th; Воrdеаuх, Frаnсе

Foire Internationale de Bordeaux has a rich history when it comes to promoting local commerce and art. It follows the great tradition of French fairs and casts the spotlight on regional artists and artisans to find their audience. Considering how regularly editions bring in 180,000 visitors over the course of nine days – that is an easy goal to achieve. You’re promised packed spaces, fantastic food and a series of excellent events.

Established in 1916, Foire Internationale de Bordeaux can easily be seen as the very heart of commerce in the Bordeaux region. Throughout its 100-year history, the trade fair has consistently marked changes in society. The exhibition halls fill with specialists and innovative brands, craftsmen and producers, experts and demonstrators showcasing their latest and best, creating the ultimate shopping experience. But there's much more to do than just shop.

Foire Internationale de Bordeaux is a festival in its own right with a cultural program, sporting activities, attractions and delicious food. Editions are built around three concepts: Authenticity, Pleasure, and Energy, making it a nine-day experience unlike any other. Once you are at Foire Internationale de Bordeaux, you'll see that it's entirely unique, charged with excitement in every corner, and focused on delivering a good time to all attendees.

Image: foiredebordeaux

ІАА Тrаnѕроrtаtіоn 2024: September 17th – 22nd; Наnnоvеr, Gеrmаnу

IAA Transportation gathers leading manufacturers and suppliers of the commercial automotive industry at the world’s largest mobility fair, an offshoot of the century-long legacy of IAA Cars. Hosted in Hannover, Germany, the trade show explores innovations in automation and electric mobility, providing manufacturers with opportunities to showcase the most advanced commercial vehicles to interested buyers. With a brand-new look and concept, this international event leans into technological transformation.

How is this beneficial for your business? You’re guaranteed to tap into a massive audience that’s regularly exceeded 250,000 international trade visitors. It’s why the trade fair has become the go-to B2B platform for over 2000 exhibitors. The show consistently generates significant business and has been a hotbed for advancements and cutting-edge engineering. Trucks, in particular, take the forefront in adopting greener technology and alternative drive systems. This focus will now intensify at IAA Transportation, aiming to reimagine the world of transportation and logistics to achieve the Paris climate targets by 2050. This involves a push towards new infrastructure, connectivity, climate-neutral, and technological transformation across all related sectors. That's what makes IAA Transportation such an exciting new frontier.

You’ll never be behind new development in the field of logistics and remain connected to peers, competition and current partners.

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