7 Jun 2024

In the Fishing Industry, These Are the Most Important Trade Fairs to Keep Track Of

In the Fishing Industry, These Are the Most Important Trade Fairs to Keep Track Of

Fishing is big business as the demand for seafood continues to grow exponentially.

It’s why in the month of June, we’ve decided to direct our attention to all the important events that concern themselves with the opportunities and challenges of aquaculture and fishing.

Nor-Fishing 2024: August 20th – 22nd; Trondheim, Norway

Nor-Fishing 2024 is a global leader in fisheries technology, bringing together the fishery, ship, and fishing equipment sectors. More than just a simple trade fair, Nor-Fishing is a premier platform for making lasting business impressions. Held biennially at Trondheim Spektrum, Nor-Fishing has been a cornerstone of the global fisheries industry since 1960. The expo continues to grow and regularly attracts over 17,000 visitors from 50 countries to come test out and scrutinise the products and equipment showcased by more than 500 international exhibitors.

The product portfolio at Nor-Fishing is diverse and extensive, highlighting groundbreaking work in various sectors. Visitors can explore innovations in fish processing, fishing boats, fishing ports, fishing equipment, cooling devices, electronics, environmental protection, packaging, research, and safety equipment. This comprehensive showcase ensures that visitors stay ahead of industry trends, expand their market share, and drive immediate sales.

The Nor-Fishing Foundation understands the importance of new perspectives and fresh minds in driving the industry forward. To this end, they have dedicated a special day known as Student Day. In collaboration with NTNU, Brohode Havbruk 2050, and regional partners, this day offers students an invaluable opportunity to learn about the industry and engage in productive meetings with companies and organisations. This initiative not only educates the next generation but also fosters new connections and ideas within the industry.

There’s no other opportunity to immerse yourself in the global fisheries industry quite like Nor-Fishing 2024. Whether you're looking to stay ahead of the latest trends, expand your market reach, or make immediate sales, Nor-Fishing offers endless possibilities. Join your professional family in Trondheim for a singular experience that promises to shape the future of fisheries technology.

Picture: Nor-Fishing

AQUA-FISCH 2025: March 7th – 9th; Friedrichshafen, Germany

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of fishing and aquatic wonders at AQUA-FISCH 2025. This renowned trade fair is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of equipment for every fishing style and all the essentials needed to care for reptiles and fish in the comfort of your own home. AQUA-FISCH not only marks the beginning of the fishing season in Germany but also serves as a hub for exhibitors to generate substantial sales leads and introduce exciting new products to eager buyers.

Held annually at Messe Friedrichshafen, AQUA-FISCH 2025 promises an incredible program that caters to visitors of all ages and interests. On average, 175 exhibitors have the attention of well over 21,000 visitors, making it a prime marketplace for exhibitors to connect with both existing and potential customers in a friendly and welcoming environment. The trade fair covers the entire spectrum of fishing products, including equipment, apparel, bait, accessories, smoking equipment and products, as well as small fishing boats. Be sure to visit the special pool designed for demonstrations, where you can witness various fishing techniques in action. This unique feature allows visitors to see the latest gear and methods firsthand, which enhances their understanding and excitement for the sport.

Aquarists will be delighted to discover everything they need for their beloved fish and reptiles, from top-notch enclosures and tanks to food, lighting, equipment, and plants. Additionally, the exhibition halls offer an exceptional lecture program, providing practical advice for both novice and experienced anglers, whether your passion lies in fly fishing or angling. The cherry on top, AQUA-FISCH 2025 proudly hosts Europe's largest IBC Betta Show. This prestigious event, organised by Betta Helvetia, will take place for the third time at Friedrichshafen and is set to be a highlight of the fair. The show attracts breeders and judges from around the world, promising thrilling competition and showcasing the finest Betta fish.


Aqua Nor 2025: August 19th – 21st; Trondheim, Norway

For over three decades, Aqua Nor has been an indispensable resource for the aquaculture industry. This landmark event has provided a vital platform for showcasing products, services, technologies, and research projects within the sector. In the realm of European aquaculture exhibitions, Aqua Nor reigns supreme, boasting unparalleled significance and influence. Held at the Trondheim Spektrum since 1979, Aqua Nor has cemented its reputation as a key meeting point for a multitude of related sectors, including city sanitation, forestry and agriculture, public services, landscape gardening, livestock farming, and waste disposal. The 2025 edition promises to continue this legacy.

Aqua Nor is the ultimate destination for big industry players to convene, forge connections, and establish fruitful partnerships. The comprehensive product portfolio on display captures the entire aquaculture value chain. From feed and feeding regimes to fish farming equipment, aquaculture technologies, water supply, breeding, biomass control, nets, fish handling, safety equipment, veterinary medicine, vaccines, and the construction and operation of floating cages, Aqua Nor showcases it all. In previous editions, Aqua Nor has brought together 3,885 international visitors in person, representing 35 different nationalities.

Aqua Nor 2025 will feature a host of activities and events designed to foster collaboration and innovation. The presence of major aquaculture nations further enhances communication and collaboration, while a boat ride to Trondheim Fjord provides first-hand observations of companies in action. This unique experience allows attendees to see the latest technologies and practices in a real-world setting. Aqua Nor also plays a pivotal role in strengthening economic ties between Norway and the UK, as Norway has been an esteemed exporter for centuries.

Picture: Aqua Nor

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