Trade Shows in Asia
18 Nov 2019

Introduction to Trade Fairs in East Asia

Introduction to Trade Fairs in East Asia

Now that we’ve travelled east and covered trade exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, it’s time to head onto Asia where we’ll spend a brief time looking at events popular with Western audiences and on the way present you with the modern exhibition centres from China to Hong Kong and Tokyo. If you’re just joining us, Trade Fair Trips ltd is going on a trip around the world to showcase trade fairs by country and city. In past months, we have covered Germany, France and Italy.

East Asia is a vast territory with a rich diversity in economics and industry, but often to those in the West, it’s not entirely clear what’s happening. This is why we’re going to make a few stops in some major regions and give you a brief summary. First up is China, which has been growing exponentially for the past 30 years and ranks at the top for GDP. Manufacturing is the backbone in Chinese economy, propelling it as the largest manufacturing economy in the world and as a result the largest exporter of goods in the world and second largest importer. As such, this positions China at the forefront of international trade.

In contrast, Hong Kong has little resources and is a major importer for foods and goods, but at the same time, it’s positioned itself as an international financial centre of great significance. Given this role, no one is surprised to learn Hong Kong boasts a capitalist economy that ranks consistently as the freest since the mid-90s. This has resulted in a. high influx from corporate headquarters.

Last but not least, we have Japan on our list, which doesn’t need much an introduction as the leader in technological innovation and development. Japan has dominated global economics with its proficiency in various manufacturing fields, including consumer electronics, optical fibres and media, copy machines, optoelectronics and automobile manufacturing. Japan’s shifted its efforts into alternative energy and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Trade Fair Trips will make stops at the following locations: China, Hong Kong and Japan

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