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18 Nov 2019

Milan – Fashion, Style and High Octane

Milan – Fashion, Style and High Octane

Good day to you, business traveler. Have you enjoyed our tour in Bologna last week? You’ll fall in love with what we have in stall for you today! Trade Fair Trips takes you to one of the most famous cities in Italy and the world – a name synonymous with fashion, style, affluence and phenomenal beaches. We’re talking about none other than Milan! However, don’t think we’ll take you vacation. No, this article is part of our tour of Italy and will focus on economy, trade fairs and exhibitions! So buckle up!

Milan often appears in conversation in connection to fashion and tourism. Apart from the fashion shows that have become staple for the city’s cultural life, there are numerous designer houses that have selected Milan as their city of operation. We’re talking household names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Miu Miu, Versace and Valentino. Clothes and textiles are the so called bread and butter of this town and you won’t find a more fashionable populace.

However, at the same time, Milan has a different side to its economy as it develops strong bases in the automotive industry (let’s not forget Bugatti); the manufacturing industry (with a focus on the rubber production sector as represented by Pirelli) and telecommunications (the biggest telephone company’s based here). Milan also strikes big thanks to the Italian Stock Exchange and currently its metropolitan area ranks 4th in terms of GDP for the entirety of Europe. That number goes to 6 when viewing the entire world. As such, it makes sense for the city to be a natural choice for exhibition and trade fairs.

Fiera Milano enjoys a high status in Milan as a significant engine to its economy, so much so it has achieved worldwide significance – and that’s not just because it’s the stage to display MADE IN ITALY products. No, Fiera Milano has no rival in sheer size and right now holds the record as the largest trade fair complex in the entire (while its construction ranks as the largest one on the territory of Europe). It’s so influential it has 43 offices in foreign countries. For a little more context, the exhibition centre has a history dating back a hundred years and it is worth mentioning the complex is separated into two distinct fair areas – one in Milan and one in Rho. With a scope such as this, Fiera Milano has no problem hosting even the largest and most ambitious of trade fairs and its outdoor and indoor spaces are extremely flexible and have the necessary audio-visual technology to handle any requirement. Not to mention stellar management and catering to boot.

MIDO: If you’re involved in the optics or eyewear industries, circle February, because you’re attending MIDO! The great thing about this trade fair is the combination of fashion as well as science and technology. You have the chance to meet with distributors and dealers in lenses and frame, and attend lecture on the latest in optometry.

SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE: Scheduled for April, this trade fair sees over 2400 exhibitors in the furniture and interior decoration industries present trends for the home and office to an impressive audience exceeding 372,000 visitors. The event brings in designers, suppliers and buyers from all over the world to do business, launch products and strengthen partnerships across as product categories.

EICMA MOTO: Having gone for a century, this exhibition has cemented itself as the must-attend event for the motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles, where visitors will get to see the fiercest models in action. Amidst the business making and dynamic demonstrations, you also have the chance to research the market place and learn of technological advances in the field.

Have you found a trade fair that’s to your liking? Great! Trade Fair Trips is here to organize your business – research hotel offers, place reservations and give you information about your location in Milan. We work with companies of all sizes, so don’t worry about your budget! As a side note, our database is filled with trade fairs and exhibitions. If these events don’t fit in with your company’s industry, drop us a line at [email protected]. Better yet, give us a call at +44 203 514 06 68 for even more industry events from London to Tokyo!

Are you new to the series of articles? Don’t worry! You can always catch up with information on key cities in thriving European countries. We kicked off this series with a stop at Germany with six cities back in June and then followed it up with a brief excursion to France and see its highlights and curious facts. Next week, we’ll take you to the last stop in our tour throughout Italy – the venerable and respected Verona. You better not miss it!

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