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29 Apr 2022

The 5 Definitive Art & Antiques Fairs Based in Europe

The 5 Definitive Art & Antiques Fairs Based in Europe

The art world has a large, vibrant ecosystem with a network of events that connect talent, collectors and galleries from across the world. As a gallerist or a curator, you have several options to make a major impact in the world of art. We have compiled the top five art shows based in Europe that help you achieve your professional goals.

There’s no rival to Art Basel in terms of importance. Mention the art fair to any gallerist in the world and they will immediately tell you how much they love it or want to visit. It’s an institution in the world of modern and contemporary art, which promotes incredible artists across all mediums. Over 290 galleries including Miguel Abreu Gallery, Air de Paris, Galería Juana de Aizpuru and Brooke Alexander participate.

It’s quite the honour for any artist to be shown at Art Basel. There’s virtually no limit to the art forms that are displayed. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, photography, installations, video and digital art are all welcome. Most of the art exhibits are curated according to themes, while the bigger names get solo exhibitions.

Let’s depart the world of contemporary art and move to the creative craft industry. In the UK, there is no better trade show for arts and crafts suppliers than Craft, Hobby + Stitches International. The international trade show is held in Birmingham every year and acts as an overview of design and material trends.

It’s a place for street retailers, department stores, independents, multiples, online retailers and garden centres to research new products, connect with existing suppliers, source new products and place purchases. Craft, Hobby + Stitches International creates the perfect conditions to generate new targeted sales leads and increase overall sales numbers. Product launches are also incredibly successful.

Time to direct our attention towards antiques and one of the most popular markets – currency and coins. NUMISMATA held in Berlin, Germany is perhaps one of the best known trade fairs for the exhibition and purchase of antique and modern coins. It’s a place for general enthusiasts as well as serious collectors and investors. NUMISMATA actually has several offshoots with events also held in Munich and Frankfurt. NUMISMATA Berlin promises to show visitors the entire world in modern and historic coins and banknotes. Exhibitors come from as far as the USA and the UAE.

TEFAF, the European Fine Art Fair, also specialises in antiques as well as fine art. The annual art fair is held in Maastricht, Netherlands and represents 7000 years of art history. Its influence is such that organisers have successfully adapted TEFAF in New York, which is another top market for art.

Every piece exhibited at TEFAF has been carefully vetted and that’s because you get only the most impressive objects - antiques, Old Masters, contemporary paintings, sculptures. It’s the stomping ground for art dealers and collectors of the highest order. TEFAF’s other major mission is to educate visitors with a series of lectures and tours.

We round off our list with another art fair. This time in Vienna, Austria, which has been a historic centre for culture and art. VIENNAFAIR has now been rebranded as viennacontemporary and has moved to a brand new location, Kursalon Vienna. The art fair features over a hundred galleries from Europe. It’s the best in giving you access to paintings, sculptures, installation art and photography. Viennacontemporary is perhaps best known for its support programme. There will be curated special shows, performances, and a high-quality educational program. You don’t want to miss out on the excellent guided tours. These tours are open to select few from the public and private art institutions.

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