10 May 2022

The 5 Events for Education & Training You Should Keep Your Eye On!

The 5 Events for Education & Training You Should Keep Your Eye On!

The education sector continues demonstrating its ability to expand and adapt to the 21st century in terms of technology and new approaches. The digital has long since been an inescapable part of modern life and it’s only suitable for it to take its rightful place in the classroom. No matter what the level of education is. Alternative solutions for in-class studies and teaching are in high demand since the start of the pandemic. Online schooling is now a reality. So how do we deal with it?

We’ve selected five international trade fairs in education and training to show you how different sectors have adapted to these changes, and what you can expect in terms of new technologies and strategies.

First on the list is didacta. The annual trade fair holds the title of the largest fair for the education sector in Europe. Unlike some other events on this list, didacta doesn’t have a home city and travels from location to location each year. This format allows exhibitors to penetrate European markets fully without having to rely on out-of-country visitors in the first place. Teachers and educators are the main target groups and didacta is known for its lectures, workshops and round tables. One of the definitive highlights is the focus on early education for kindergartners.

If we’re talking specifically about e-learning and education technology, then Learntec Karlsruhe is the international congress and trade fair you need to attend. This annual event dives deep into the new technologies that emerge to support classroom learning on every level. Exhibitor booths are organised around three major tracks – Topic area school, Topic area university and Topic area corporate. How do digital schools work? Universities in the digital age. Workplace training and education. That’s what you get! E-learning is here to stay and the best way to adapt is to jump on technology trends as early as possible.

Next on the list is EXPOLINGUA Berlin, which is open to the public and has a narrower focus on the language learning sector. The general public receives access to resources and knowledge in order to improve language learning or start learning a new language. There’s also a great benefit for teachers and other education professionals.

Aside from the main trade fair, organisers now also host an EXPOLINGUA Festival for two days at the Strandbad Tegelsee in Berlin. You’ll be able to engage with language learning outside in the fresh air, which creates a very safe environment. Expect Interactive language taster courses, a Teachers’ Hub and a showcase on careers with languages.

Personalised learning is another concept that’s been gaining traction in recent years as theory of education and learning expands beyond the current models. Werkstätten:Messe works towards the inclusion process of people with disabilities into the education process. Barriers to education have always been in place for the disabled and this international trade fair examines new frontiers that removes these barriers on all levels - politics, business and society. Every year, people with disabilities are able to participate in workshops and share their point of view, while engaging with exhibitors in a very open and trusting environment.

We conclude our list with a trip to Berlin, Germany for connecticum – a top platform for further career education. Rather than focusing on the means for education, this trade fair opens doors for further learning and practice in real job positions. The career fair is aimed at graduates, students and young professionals, who want to make their start in technology, business and IT. Over 300 companies have booths at the annual event and there are many different ways to reach a company through presentations, one-on-one meetings or their booths. Find internships, receive advice on your career trajectory and get professionals to check your CV.

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