21 Oct 2021

The 5 Must-See Trade Shows for Telecommunications, Software and Digital Technology

The 5 Must-See Trade Shows for Telecommunications, Software and Digital Technology

The world of technology continuously evolves and shoots off into new directions. This is why we have decided on going through the entire spectrum of digital technologies and highlight the events that will have the biggest impact on you as a company. What are the newest trends? What the new markets worth exploring? Who are the people you need to be in contact with to make a difference on a professional level?

We begin our list with Web Summit, which is based in Lisbon, Portugal. This annual conference is the talk of the digital and software tech industry based in Europe, but it’s incredibly diverse in the professionals that attend. You have major experts from every continent in the world and every self-respecting startup company and developer will be in attendance. What’s remarkable is that there’s programming relevant for 178 computer languages. What makes Web Summit special are the different ways you can get your footing in software industry. You can sing up for Mentor Hours or go on the PITCH stage to meet your next investor.

We’re off to ECOC, which services the fibre optic technology industry. This European trade show rolls around every year in a different city so you know every audience is going to be a little different each edition. That’s a great incentive to make the trip. We also have to talk about the importance of the trade show for the industry. On one hand, you have 30 industry leaders attend regularly to present their expertise. There’s also the fact that you have access to the entire value chain. There are optoelectronics, communication systems, communication technology and glass fibre optics on display. Even better you get to see new technology in action at the live demonstrations!

Taking place out of London, UK, Bett is at the forefront of digital technologies and their direct application in education. The digital classroom has become a reality during the pandemic and the future of digital learning has arrived. Now Bett (the British Educational Training and Technology Show) guides the future of the sector and manages to occupy a central position. The trade show is one of the most active places for educational technology startups to meet support and gain needed visibility to make impact. Organisers are quite proud to share that over 12,000 leaders in education have been in attendance in the past.

Mobile World Congress brings together developers and distributors in the fast-paced world of mobile applications and technology. The international trade show has existed since the start of the modern computer as we know it and has been at the forefront of new innovations. Right now, you can find out all there is about immersive content, AI and automation alongside connectivity, digital wellness, trust and security. Editions runs every year in Barcelona, Spain and is a big draw for big technology companies like Google, Huawei, KT, Sierra Wireless, Turkcell/Lifecell, T-Mobile, Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and Telefonica. Learn all there is about emerging market trends through high-profile keynote speeches and panel discussions.

Lastly we’re heading to Germany for IFA Berlin – the annual trade show for consumer electronics that you can’t miss. Fun fact, IFA Berlin is one of the oldest modern trade shows in Europe when it first debuted in the 1920s and showcased radio technology. Today the product portfolio is richer in comparison with audio-visual technology, television technology, information technology, multimedia, data transmission, music electronics and electric household appliances. It’s definitely one that you shouldn’t miss considering how influential the support program is. Professionals can learn, network and pitch at IFA Keynotes, IFA+ Summit and the IFA Hosted Conferences.

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