6 Mar 2023

What You Should Be Looking for When Booking a Hotel for Your Business Trip

What You Should Be Looking for When Booking a Hotel for Your Business Trip

Business travellers quickly realise that choosing the right hotel is essential for a successful trip to any trade fair regardless of destination. This matters all the more when you’re the one who has to deal with the expenses that come with business travel. Travellers require specific conditions to perform at their best and get the most value out of their stay. Simply having a bed for a couple of nights is not an option anymore.

Consider this your guide to booking the perfect accommodation for trade shows, where we’ll explore the critical factors you should consider when selecting a hotel.

It’s Always Been about the Location

When it comes to booking a hotel for a business trip, the single most important consideration to have is location. Are you close to the exhibition centre? Do you have good connections to public transport? Are there any easy ways to reach the airport or train station (depends on how far you’ve travelled)?

Regardless of personal preferences, the objective here is to attend a trade show and that means you should be close to it – even if the exhibition centre is in the middle of nowhere and there’s nothing to do during down time.

Choosing a hotel near the venue reduces in-city travel time, unnecessary travel costs and allows for an optimal experience for all involved. You can be a little lenient here, if the trade show you’re attending provides exhibitors and visitors with a free public transport pass, but still you’d want a short commute.

Travellers can also avoid navigating unfamiliar transportation systems and reduce their commuting time. This not only increases productivity but provides extra time to relax and recharge between meetings and presentations. Trade shows often go hard, so any extra minute you can reclaim just for yourself is a huge victory.

At Trade Fair Trips, we work with hotels in all major cities globally and know the most preferred hotels near major exhibition centres. We will ensure that you find the perfect hotel room that meets your specific budget and is close to where you need to be.

You Should Never Ignore the Quality of Meeting Facilities

While networking opportunities are abundant at the trade fair itself, more in-depth conversations with clients often take place off-site and you’re better for it. Negotiations, presentations, and sales pitches require the right setup - a quiet, peaceful environment, where you’ll be able to perform at your best without having any unnecessary distractions. As such, access to meeting facilities is a good thing to have.

Additionally, meeting facilities can also serve as a dress rehearsal space. You can work through a talk or presentation, and practice slide transitions and other media files in peace. The show venue might not have rehearsal space, or it might not be easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Hotels that offer conference rooms with audiovisual equipment, such as projectors and screens, should be of particular interest.

At Trade Fair Trips, we understand the importance of having access to suitable meeting facilities. We can help you find a hotel that offers the right space and equipment to meet your needs.

The Beds Have to Do Their Job Right

You should be able to sleep well. Business trips take people across several time zones, so a good mattress and pillow make all the difference when it comes to jet lag. No matter your budget you should always look for blackout curtains, soundproofed windows, and a room that faces away from the main roads is highly desirable.

Wi-Fi Has to Be Strong and Reliable

While business travellers may tolerate certain inconveniences, having no access to free Wi-Fi is not one of them. Moreover, the quality of Wi-Fi is equally essential. No one wants to struggle with a weak Wi-Fi connection when accessing emails, messages, or files.

It's also crucial to investigate the Wi-Fi's quality and speed before choosing a hotel since some hotels try to trick visitors with free low-speed Wi-Fi but then offer faster connection speeds at an additional fee. Negotiating such details before making a reservation is vital, and a business travel agency can help secure high-quality Wi-Fi without incurring any unnecessary upcharges.

Keep an Eye out for Easy Access to Multiple Power Outlets

As the years go on, the list of digital devices business travellers bring on their travels gradually increases. All these smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, smartwatches and vapes have to be charged at some point, and having one or two power outlets in your room or about the hotel are so insufficient. If you’re looking for more power outlets, pay attention to the hotel’s age.

Older hotels, especially those that haven't undergone renovations in the past decade, tend to have fewer power outlets in general. Newly renovated and newly constructed hotels certainly meet this demand in charging options.

Efficient Service Delivery

It’s not uncommon for business travellers to be on foot all day in order to stay on top of agendas, so when you do end up needing dry cleaning or an iron, for example, you can get it done fast and easy. Hotels that advertise overnight services, such as dry-cleaning and shoeshine, should actually live up to their promises. Also check reviews about room service. You should look for service no longer than half an hour.

If you’re attending one of the longer shows, where you’ll be staying in the hotel for a week, these are not quite a priority. However, if you’re in and out, timing is of the essence!

Can You Get a Personalised Experience?

Time is a precious resource, and the less time you have to spend on non-essential tasks, the better. Having a hotel that offers digital check-in and check-out, for instance, can be incredibly convenient as you eliminate waiting in lines. Hotel chains have been adapting to automation and digitization trends, and many now provide accompanying apps that hand over control to the guest. Although a nice perk to have, we’re leaving this feature last, because a travel agent or a travel manager can do all these tasks for you.

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