Exhibitions in Hannover, Germany for Agriculture

Hannover is squarely located within Lower Saxony – a German state known for nourishing the nation and contributing to the European agricultural output on an international level, so the city has strong ties to the sector. Lower Saxony is Germany's second-largest state and its fertile arable lands stand as the foundation of a robust agricultural and food industry that plays a pivotal role in its economy. In fact, agriculture is the state's second-largest business sector, second only to the automotive industry. Quite naturally, agriculture commands a large workforce and is one of the biggest local employers. The food industry alone employs 80,000 individuals, a number that swells to a 100,000 if you take into consideration the small, artisanal enterprises that are characteristic of the region. Lower Saxony contributes significantly to Germany's overall food production as one in every two potatoes produced in Germany hails from this region. That’s only one example. Lower Saxony is the supplier of half of the country's poultry meat, over a third of its eggs, a third of its pork and a quarter of its sugar. This collaborative dance between agriculture and the food industry ensures that consumers’ cravings for healthy and affordable food are met, remaining in step with green, sustainable practices and the farm-to-table movement. One of the secrets to the high flexibility of Lower Saxony's food industry is the prevalence of small and medium-sized enterprises. These businesses have demonstrated resilience and competitiveness within the food production market for decades as they are the first to respond to market shifts and adopt new technologies. It’s this level of adaptability and innovative spirit that keeps the region at the forefront of evolving trends. When demands for quality and safety first rose, businesses in Lower Saxony were the quickest to respond and meet increasing standards imposed by retailers.

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