Exhibitions in Köln, Germany for Agriculture

Cologne isn’t particularly known for any agricultural contribution as it’s established itself as a big trade hub with five ports on the Rhine as well as a cultural destination. Its primary industry is the insurance sector. However, it still has ties with agriculture thanks to its location in the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state known as one of the most diverse in Germany. Farming and food businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia collectively provide around 400,000 jobs, making them among the largest employers in the state. The food industry stands out as one of Germany's most competitive thanks to collaborative relationships with sub-suppliers, high-quality standards and a diverse range of offerings. With approximately 1000 companies employing nearly 96,000 people and generating €36 billion in revenue, it ranks as the most influential food industry in the entire country. Nevertheless, the region is undergoing a rapid transformation spurred by urbanization, automation, concerns about climate change and consolidation of business. North Rhine-Westphalia is slowing down and has been currently declassified as an agrarian state due to the diminishing number of people employed in the agriculture workforce. Under these circumstances, farmers have had to adapt and are taking advantage of the cultural pull of the state’s bigger cities, including Cologne. Many farmers in North Rhine-Westphalia have embraced their picturesque surroundings and the region's health-promoting environment. They've diversified their operations to include side businesses that provide additional revenue streams. Direct marketing, on-farm cafés and farm tourism have flourished, offering city dwellers the chance to purchase fresh, high-quality produce directly from the source. These ventures also cater to those seeking active and adventurous holidays with activities like horseback riding, animal care and bike tours. In North Rhine-Westphalia, agriculture has moved beyond crop cultivation and become a lifestyle. It’s a new dynamic that’s still taking shape, but sketches out a clear path in the future.

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