Exhibitions in Köln, Germany for Gardening

Cologne’s gardening industry goes from strength to strength fueled by the business opportunities and revenue generated by spoga + gafa. This trade fair is recognized as the biggest garden and BBQ event of its kind anywhere in the world. Companies from the garden lifestyle sector step onto the biggest stage to showcase their latest innovations to visitors from across the globe. It’s also the biggest source of market insights and mega trends shaping the gardening industry today. The last edition is no exception. In an increasingly fast-paced world, the garden continues to serve as a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, in recent times, its role as a catalyst for social connection has come to the forefront. With a growing emphasis on strengthening social ties, individuals are turning to their outdoor spaces as a venue for communal gatherings with family, friends and neighbors. Manufacturers of garden furniture have responded to this trend by introducing a diverse range of products designed to facilitate social interaction from dining tables and armchairs to lounge sofas and outdoor kitchen units. As people dine, talk and unwind together amidst nature, the garden is transforming into a vibrant social hub characterized by both style and functionality. Urban environments are also swept up into the conversation. The concept of city gardening has gained momentum driven by a desire to create more green spaces for communal activities and social exchange. From ""City Jungle"" to ""Green Love,"" the names of contemporary products for urban outdoor areas underscore the resurgence of greenery in city landscapes. Balconies and roof terraces are being transformed into places where residents can come together to plant, harvest and enjoy leisure activities. Modular lounge furniture, space-saving sunshades, and compact BBQs are turning even the smallest outdoor spaces into inviting retreats.

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