Exhibitions in Köln, Germany for Baby, Kids & Maternity

In Germany, one of the strongest centres for the baby, children’s and maternity industry happens to be Cologne. The city’s success largely relies on Kind + Jugend, which asserted its dominance as the leading international trade fair for baby and toddler outfitting. Each edition is awaited with much anticipation and the upcoming 2024 iteration is no different. Preparations are underway and organizers are delighted to announce that more than 60% of the exhibition space has already been booked, which has surpassed the initial projections in terms of attendance. In response to the overwhelming demand, plans are underway to expand the exhibition space by adding another hall. This expansion not only ensures a more comprehensive trade fair experience but also provides ample networking opportunities for exhibitors and trade visitors alike. With a focus on fostering meaningful connections and facilitating knowledge exchange, Kind + Jugend aims to create a dynamic environment conducive to business growth and innovation. This is good news for local brands, which rely on the trade fair to gain visibility and generate sales leads. Kind + Jugend recognizes the importance of networking in today's competitive landscape and has put in extra work to enhance networking opportunities tailored to industry themes. From dedicated event areas to integrated open spaces, exhibitors will have the chance to engage with customers and fellow exhibitors beyond their own stands, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities. The popularity of Kind + Jugend extends far beyond national borders with top brands from around the globe expressing keen interest in participating. Notably, applications from Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey have been particularly strong, which further strengthens Cologne’s baby, children’s and maternity industry. Among the applicants are esteemed industry players as well as returning exhibitors, reaffirming the event's reputation as a must-attend for industry professionals.

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