Exhibitions in Köln, Germany for Entertainment & Media

Cologne has always been associated with creativity and innovation, and as the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia enjoys a status as a city of great cultural value. Over the past twenty years, it’s done exceptional work in growing its entertainment and media industry to become one of the most important media hubs in Germany. Cologne serves as a magnet for creative minds worldwide, attracting them to leading media trade events and festivals while nurturing a diverse community of expatriates. At the forefront of Cologne's entertainment landscape is its prosperous film and broadcasting industry followed by thriving sectors in games, design and IT, which appeal to young professionals with an ambition to make their mark within the highly competitive entertainment and media market. Cologne is a city pulsating with youthful energy, diversity, and creativity, boasting a population of over a million inhabitants. Each year, its esteemed universities churn out approximately 3,000 highly skilled graduates from media and arts disciplines, primed to contribute to the city’s vibrant media and cultural industries. This influx of fresh talent feeds directly into Cologne's active TV and cinema production companies. The city boasts approximately 6,500 companies operating in the media and creative sectors, generating an impressive annual turnover of around 9.5 billion euros. These enterprises collectively employ roughly 60,000 professionals spanning a diverse array of fields from directors and industrial designers to e-sports professionals, stage technicians, software programmers and social influencers. Together, they form the backbone of Cologne’s dynamic media landscape.

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