Exhibitions in Essen, Germany for Gardening

The garden industry in Essen is best represented by one of its most popular and enduring events: IPM ESSEN. The upcoming edition of the trade fair promises to be a pivotal moment for the entire gardening and horticulture industry, offering a platform for global stakeholders to explore the latest trends and innovations. The numbers tell a compelling story for local companies, who are able to tap into an audience that exceeds over 36,000 trade visitors and compare their offerings alongside 1403 other exhibitors from 43 nations. Since its inception in 1983, IPM ESSEN has been the source of new products and services across all links in the value chain including plants, technology, floristry and garden features. One of the key highlights of the fair is its unparalleled plant diversity and innovative offerings with exhibitors presenting cutting-edge solutions to address pressing issues like climate change and sustainability. The trade fair's thematic zones (Plants, Technology, Floristry and Equipment) provide a deep look into the entire process chain within the horticulture industry. From bonsai and nursery plants to fruit cultivation techniques and eco-friendly packaging solutions, IPM ESSEN covers a wide spectrum of topics tailored to meet the evolving needs of the market. In recent years, IPM ESSEN has proactively responded to shifting consumer attitudes and mega-trends impacting society as a whole. With a focus on sustainability and climate change mitigation, the fair showcases products that prioritize environmental stewardship and resource conservation. From heat- and cold-tolerant plant varieties to organic fertilizers and biodegradable pots, exhibitors highlight innovations that align with the growing demand for eco-friendly gardening solutions. The ongoing pandemic has significantly influenced consumer behavior, leading to a surge in demand for plants and flowers as people spend more time at home. Germany, in particular, has witnessed a record-high demand for gardening products.

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