Exhibitions in Essen, Germany for Agriculture

Essen is located in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) by the Emscher river to the north and the Ruhr River to the south, priming the city as a major destination for holiday makers. As the country’s ninth largest city, Essen is a busy economic hub and cultural centre. By virtue of the rich and diverse arable lands, North Rhine-Westphalia maintains a rich tradition of agriculture. The region, due to its size and geographical location, provides farmers with a multitude of soils, landscapes, climates and altitudes – perfect to create a variety of conditions to diversify crops. The agriculture industry here stays in harmony with nature, producing bountiful yields while respecting the environment. Farming practices here didn’t have to evolve a lot to live up to the ideals of eco-friendly and sustainable farming. The landscapes in NRW have a significant influence on the types of crops grown. In the northern and mountainous regions of Eifel and Sauerland, farming extends to elevations of up to 100 meters above sea level. These areas favor animal husbandry and here is the connection to Essen, where a lot of meat processing takes place. In Münsterland, light soils historically lent themselves to this tradition. In fact, pig farming is one of the biggest industries there. Southern Rheinland thrives in cereal cultivation, fruit orchards, vegetable farms and ornamental plant nurseries. Meanwhile, the Lower Rhine Region excels in milk production and horticulture. In Bergisches Land, Eifel, Sauerland, and Siegerland, milk cows and fattened cattle share the spotlight with extensive forestry operations. Intensive farming has made Ostwestfalen-Lippe a hub of agricultural productivity, preserving the region's rural charm. Fertile lands here yield remarkable crop output. As you can see there’s quite a lot of agricultural activity taking place in the region that stands on the foundation of rich history.

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