Exhibitions in Madrid, Spain for Building & Construction

Madrid, by virtue of being a central figure in Spain’s economy, has successfully fostered a dynamic and forward-thinking building and construction industry. It’s home to innovators and disruptors eager to redefine the industry. You have cutting-edge startups and established brands work towards perfecting diverse approaches to construction. At the forefront of the sector is COEMAC, which specializes in the production and distribution of construction materials. Dedicated to quality and innovation, COEMAC plays a pivotal role in shaping the infrastructure that defines Madrid. That’s only one example of the companies dotting the landscape. Satt, an architecture office rooted in the city, goes beyond conventional design. They are builders of relationships—between people, their environment, and the economy. Satt's projects exemplify the principles of interconnectedness of architecture and society. In the realm of construction giants, ACS, Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, stands out as a reference in the industry. Their expertise extends to the development of infrastructures, contributing significantly to Madrid's modernization and urban development. TYPSA, a group of independent consulting engineering firms, operates as a cohesive force in civil engineering. Their multidisciplinary approach ensures that projects in Madrid are executed with precision and innovation. Berenguer Ingenieros specializes in the development and drafting of methods for the conservation and maintenance of port and coastal infrastructures. Their work is integral to preserving the city's maritime assets and ensuring sustainable coastal development. Adding a technological edge to the industry, Cybrik project intelligence emerges as a cloud-based AI platform. This Madrid-based startup is revolutionizing engineering and construction projects and offers innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and project management. In the realm of sustainability, Reciclalia, s.l. takes center stage. This startup focuses on developing new recycling technologies. Their work concerns environmental innovation that aligns with Madrid’s broader push towards sustainable construction practices.

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