Cosmetica Algeria

Cosmetica Algeria

Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Beauty and Personal Care
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1 year
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Cosmetica Algeria

Algeria's lead cosmetics event

Update for the Event 

Cosmetica Algeria's 2024 edition will occur as a face-to-face event. It will be hosted in the Safex Expo Center amidst strict Covid-19 prevention measures. These will include attendees being required to maintain a social distance of at least one metre and to wear surgical masks in indoor spaces. The hosting dates for live event are set between 21.02.2024 and 24.02.2024. At present, Algeria has travel limitations. Therefore, attendees will be required to show upon arrival negative test results or proof of vaccination. 

Cosmetica Algeria 2023

Cosmetica Algeria's inaugural edition exceeded the expectations of organisers. The event, held as a live trade fair featured over 15,000 visitors and 123 exhibitors. The event was hosted at the Safex Expo Center and featured safety measures such as social distance protocols.

Cosmetica Algeria 2024

Cosmetica Algeria 2024 featured over 130 exhibitors. The event was held between 21.02.2024 and 24.02.2024 at the Safex Expo Center. 

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