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Game Developers Conference

Game Developers Conference

San Francisco, USA
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1 year

Update for the Game Developers Conference

The 2023 rendition of the Game Developers Conference will be hosted between 20.03.2023 and 24.03.2023 as a live event. The hosting location will be the Moscone Convention Center and the venue will feature the latest Covid-19 safeguards. Among them will be the instating of the social distance protocol, according to which attendees will have to maintain a safe distance of 2 metres. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions, visitors to the USA will have to present upon arrival in the country 3G entry documents.


In the gaming industry, there’s one conference that you can’t ignore and that is Game Developers Conference, or GDC in short. The conference and expo combo has been around since 1988 when it was a rather informal event with 27 developers in attendance held in a living room in San Jose. Now it’s a juggernaut that sees the hottest new releases from companies as big as Amazon, Epic, Google and Intel. GDC has turned into an industry benchmark, which predicts the next wave of major trends in gaming and the platform where cutting-edge advances in developing software has been announces first. The conference program is first grade given how focused it is on facing head on the challenges of today and offers a number of lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions. The expo section features game development tools and services alongside with promotion on games nearing their release dates.


Game Developers Conference is an annual event, taking place in the United States of America and changes locations frequently. Currently, it’s going to be held twice in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center. Editions are frequently scheduled for five days in the middle of March and are open to industry professionals, hopefuls who want to make it in the game industry and gamers invested in the latest releases. Informa is the official organiser for the event. There are different sets of opening hours for the conference and the expo part, the latter of which will run for three days in total. The expo portion will be open from 10:00 am in the morning until 18:00 pm in the afternoon on the first two days and until 15:00 pm on the last day. The Moscone Convention Center is ideally located close to the 280 and 101 freeways and parking is sufficient, so driving there is easy. There are also Muni bus lines and the BART to take you to the conference grounds.

What Are People Saying

 “This industry has the combination of creativity, technology and passion, which makes it one of the most inspiring industries to work in. I come to the Game Developers Conference every year since 2001 and I love it, because every year you see something that is so new and so mind blowing that you ask ‘how did they do is’. The show changes every year,” – Roger Chandler, VP of Developer Programs and Initiatives, INTEL;

“We’ve been coming to GDC for probably 15 years now. Really to just bring awareness to INSOMNIAC GAMES. It’s a great opportunity to great in front of everybody. The interaction is fantastic. We’ve had a line around the booth,” – Carrie Dieterle, Chief People Officer, INSOMNIAC GAMES;

“GDC is the perfect place to network. In terms of DIGIPEN, it’s the right place where we need to be for getting prospective students to hear about DIGIPEN and to also get them jobs after,” – Maddie Caswell, Outreach Manager, DIGIPEN Institute of Technology.

Audience & Statistics

Game Developers Conference has made quite the jump from its early days as a small conference. In 2019, the international conference and expo hit a record high number of trade visitors – 29,000! With 550 exhibitors on the expo floor and over 780 lectures and other programming items as part of the conference, GDC certainly placed itself front and centre for the gaming industry in the US. The audience consisted of the general public and also every professional involved in the gaming processing chain – developers, engineers, trainees, distributors, programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business leaders, publishers, press and investors.


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Previous Editions of the CDC


The Game Developers Conference was held as a hybrid event from 21.05.2022 to 25.03.2022. It was hosted at the Moscone Convention Center during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, the venue featured safety measures such as social distancing and the mandatory wearing of face masks. Despite the global situation, over 17,000 attendants took part in the event, including 12,000 in person and 5,000 online. There were also over 200 exhibitors and more than 1,000 speakers.

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How to get to Game Developers Conference
On foot
On foot:

San Francisco Airport – not advisable

San Francisco 4th & King Station – 17 mins via 4th St

By car
By car:

San Francisco Airport – 17 mins via US-101 N

San Francisco 4th & King Station – 4 mins via 3rd St

By public transport
By public transport:

San Francisco Airport – 36 mins via Yellow-N

San Francisco 4th & King Station – 9 mins via 30

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