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Essen ,Germany
Children Toys & Games
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Messe Essen GmbH
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SPIEL exists under many names – the International Games Event SPIEL, the Essen Game Fair as well as Internationale Spieltage SPIEL in German. Although its many names, one thing that stays consistent is its exciting reflection of market trends and innovations in the field of analogue, classic games. The board game market has been in a stable and accelerated upswing, and SPIEL captures the spirit of the industry in great detail. The international game fair exists since 1983 and maintains one of the biggest product portfolios in the world covering – board games, card games, games of skill, interactive games, movement games, chess, children's games, original comic artwork, post games, science fiction games, action figures, adult games, computer games, family games, toys as whole, and even t-shirts. SPIEL creates the perfect environment to gauge interest in your products and stimulate sales.


International Games Event SPIEL has a long history with Messe Essen, which has been its host for a long time and both grow together with each year. The international exhibition lasts for four days in total and usually editions roll out at the end of every October. The Friedhelm Merz Verlag GmbH & Co serves as the official organiser and doors are open to everyone whose lives have been made better by board games. Opening hours are from 10:00 am in the morning until 19:00 pm in the evening on the first three days and then until 18:00 pm on closing day. In addition to renting a car, you can find good public transport connections to Messe Essen. The exhibition grounds are in a central district of Essen near a station and connections to the airport as well. This makes it easy to get to SPIEL from anywhere in the city.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • SPIEL is all about placing the focus on game publishers and their products. Visitors come to experience new titles and make purchases, so you are able to meet your target audience - the perfect controlled environment to receive valuable feedback and build a stronger name through community building; 
  • But meeting face to face with your customers is not the only benefit for companies. SPIEL invests in publicity and media coverage, which differentiate it from other similar events. Exhibitors are able to come in contact with hundreds of journalists and reports not only come out in local, domestic media, but abroad as well;
  • Interaction between game publishers and games is a crucial part of SPIEL. Live role games, championships and tournaments, VIP areas for autograph signings are all integral parts of the game fair’s programming in order to involve visitors and generate publicity.

Audience & Statistics

SPIEL is quite the phenomenon, if we’re to look at the numbers. Organisers report that during the last edition in 2019, over 1200 international exhibitors showcased their products and held product launches during the four days and more than 209,000 international visitors filled the halls. All in all, 53 nationalities were represented during the game fair. It’s difficult to give a full profile of the audience and exhibitors as SPIEL attracts serious gamers, board game reviewers, board game fans, families who want to find something new, comic book collectors who come for the offerings at the COMIC ACTION section, and art buyers. SPIEL encourages everyone to come and exhibit from game designers and publishers to comic artists and illustrators, who take advantage of the Artist Alley to make direct sales. In addition to end consumers, SPIEL is also a go-to place for big and small retailers since the fair has transformed into a platform for new releases.


Given how many visitors from all over the world to SPIEL, it’s important to plan your visit to the city of Essen, Germany as early as possible and in great detail. Trade Fair Trips ltd supports you in the search for hotel accommodation for SPIEL at a reasonable price. We know not every game publisher or brand has a big budget, and it’s why we accommodate smaller budgets. Within one day you discover the most affordable hotel rates during SPIEL and place your reservations. Also, we make sure you’re located close to the exhibition grounds so we select hotels near Messe Essen. Afterwards, Trade Fair Trips ltd can assist you with reservations for meeting facilities ahead of time. In addition, you can request us to come and build your exhibition booth! Select the services you need and combine them in a bespoke package meant only for you.

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