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Stockholm ,Sweden
Food & Beverage, Wines
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2 years

If you are operating within the world catering and common feeding sectors, learn all the newest tips, best practices and trends at GastroNord. The international trade fair will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, with graduate chefs and skilled professionals coming to showcase their skills and discuss the pressing issues of today. For special offers, turn to Trade Fair Trips Ltd. 

Do not put days and all your energy into sorting your travel arrangements, when Trade Fair Trips Ltd can do this in a single day. You give us your precise specifications, and we will find a hotel that meets every single one. In the end, you’re prepared to give your best at GastroNord whether you’re there to grow your network or learn the best way to retain skilled workers in hotels and restaurants. You can even have some fun by going to the Burger Battles event or cheering for the competitors in the pizza and ice cream championships. 

The right hotel makes the business trip and Trade Fair Trips ltd knows all the good ones.

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