Medicine & Medical Equipment
18 Nov 2019



Medicine has been racing with technology for years now and it’s constantly adopting cutting-edge tools, systems and machinery to further improve healthcare and rehabilitation. It’s vital for health professionals to continue growing and keep track of where their field is heading, if they wish to stay relevant and a competent hire in a competitive environment. Invest in your qualifications and become a fixture at professional exhibitions, congresses and trade shows for your niche. Trade Fair Trips ltd recognizes the need to travel for business and we’ll give you a hand with a short overview of professional events geared towards health and medicine. Our list is more a reminder to keep track of the trade fairs that are coming up on the calendar.

ESC CONGRESS First on our list we have a crucial congress dedicated to the field of cardiology – ESC CONGRESS. The European society of cardiology is meeting at the end of August to discuss pertinent challenges and issues. The location? Barcelona, Spain! The program boasts an impressive list with speakers, in-depth presentations, clinical trials updates and registry studies. If you’re a cardiologist looking to climb up on the professional ladder, no other event will help you stay ahead of trends and innovative practices than this congress.

REHACARE INTERNATIONAL Head on to Dusseldorf, Germany in early October to get yourself acquainted with the state of medicine, and in particular rehabilitation. It’s more of a specialist event where 750 exhibitors are gearing for displays and demonstrations of the current technologies, equipment and techniques. The appeal of this exhibition lies in the many specialists who attend in order to exchange experience and improve on their practical skills and expertise.

MEDICA We wrap this overview with a go-to exhibition for the hospital care sector – MEDICA. This upcoming edition is scheduled to kick off in the middle of November in Dusseldorf, Germany. Why is this a must-see event? Let’s talk about the size and scope. You have access to 128,000 medical professionals invested in furthering their careers and getting to know about the latest innovations in laboratory equipment. More than 4800 exhibitors will be demonstrating their best equipment, systems and tools. You have your choice between medical exhibitions and trade fairs. Now, decide where you’ll go and Trade Fair Trips ltd will get you there in no time. We have been organizing business trips for years now, so you don’t have to dedicate unnecessary hours figuring out where to get a room. Give us a budget and we’ll send you the top offers closes to the exhibition within than price range. Business travel doesn’t have to be hard!

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