23 Sep 2021

5 Essential Trade Fairs for the Cosmetics and Beauty Industry You Can’t Afford to Miss

5 Essential Trade Fairs for the Cosmetics and Beauty Industry You Can’t Afford to Miss

Generating over $380.2 billion in 2019 alone, the beauty industry is a global giant and COVID-19 might have affected certain makeup sales (lipstick was the biggest casualty), there’s been a lot of interest in skincare, beauty gadgets and cosmetics. This trend has been especially pronounced now that vaccination rates have increased and more people can go outside.

What are the new trends? How has the pandemic changed consumer habits and needs? Find all the answers in person! We’ve assembled a solid list of trade fairs that explore the world of beauty and personal care in depth.

First off on our list is Beautyworld Middle East, which is based in Dubai, UAE and takes place every year. It’s the biggest and most important trade fair for cosmetics, health and beauty products, perfumes and spa facilities in the Middle East. As part of the Beautyworld portfolio, the trade fair is well connected to outside markets and serves as a gate for regional exhibitors to break out.

Beautyworld Middle East offers trade visitors a comprehensive product lineup and a slate of highly informative events. Take advantage of the experts and innovators at Next in Beauty Conference and research new product trends in special zones like Beauty Tech, Signature Scent Journey and A World of Scents Front.

In Europe, there’s VIVANESS in Nuremberg, Germany. The focus of this trade fair falls more on the personal care and wellness aspect of beauty and wellbeing. The event is at the heart of the local European markets and equips exhibitors with the necessary tools to expand internationally. Every year the newest trends are showcased across skincare, body care, hair case, fragrances, decorative cosmetics, special cosmetics and chemist articles.

If you want to gain access to every point in the processing chain, VIVANESS is where you go and sample groundbreaking products and technologies. Outside the business opportunities, visitors can educate themselves on new research and innovations. The support program has plenty of lectures and discussions available.

COSMETICA BERLIN is only one event in the COSMETICA brand, which has several fairs across all of Germany – Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hannover. Editions are held annually and geared towards the German market as a whole. In terms of products, the trade fair dives into decorative cosmetics and beauty accessories. This would be cosmetics, makeup, nail and foot care as well as cosmetic accessories. Everything you might need to make a person beautiful will be found there.

What’s especially useful is the access to experts in their field. Professionals involved in the beauty industry can learn all about the practical aspects of running a business through discussions and lectures at the free congress. There are also plenty of opportunities to practice your skills at the lineup of practical workshops, make-up shows and product and treatment demonstrations.

No matter which cosmetics and beauty sector you’re in, in – cosmetics Global should absolutely be on your list. This international trade fair is part of the in – cosmetics brand family, which means high quality business opportunities, and travels all throughout Europe, which means exhibitors are able to meet with fresh buyers every year. The focus here is on ingredients and formulation with the exhibition space dedicated to personal care ingredients, colorants, emulsifiers, tanning agents, fragrances, humectants, preservatives, solvents, sunscreen and surfactants.

Collaboration is key! However, there’s also a lot to learn, so be sure to check out the first-rate education program. Although every year there are many different events happening there are core education areas – Marketing Trends, Sustainability Corner and Technical Seminars.

To round out the list, we’re headed to Bologna, Italy and stop at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. The annual trade fair services the beauty world in general. This includes beauticians, hairdressers, owners of nail salons, beauty salons and shops for natural products. The product portfolio extends to perfumery and cosmetics, nail care, hair care, beauty and spa, green and organic products.

The success of exhibitors is guaranteed by the official buyer program, which makes it easier to reach out to potential buyers. Professionals and skilled trade can further educate themselves and learn a lot about upcoming trends in their sector through support programming!

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