3 Jun 2022

5 Essential Trade Shows for the Safety & Security Industry

5 Essential Trade Shows for the Safety & Security Industry

The safety and security industry are greatly benefiting from the boom in digitization. Information technologies have made their mark as well as automation and reliance on software solutions. The biggest trend we’re seeing so far is the proliferation of artificial intelligence. AI has yet to reveal its full potential, but people have recognised its usefulness with automated event alerts, false alarm reduction, mine surface detection, fall detection for the elderly. That’s only a small fraction of all possible applications.

The main strength here is how algorithms pick up commands and can be trained for scenarios of all kinds. Currently, a lot of security manufacturers collaborate with third-party AI applications to expand the abilities of their products. As semiconductor technology advances and the cost of chips decreases, you’ll see an even wider proliferation of AI. It will be everywhere.

Speaking of everywhere. AI extends to just about every aspect of daily life. The Internet of Things is not a new concept, but recent advancements in connectivity allows users to improve the security of their home by creating fully automated responses to specific triggers. IoT has a lot to do with security now that the market is filled with security cameras, which are only going to improve to the point that crystal clear security imaging will be a standard, and other security devices.

All other major trends in security and safety follow from AI – cloud-based solutions, biometric access control and the zero trust approach for cybersecurity. We’ve selected the following trade fairs we believe are at the heart of this digital revolution across all related product sectors.

We open up the list with a German staple – Interschutz. Based in Hannover, this international fair combines all major trends across firefighting, rescue service, civil protection and security. There’s the full breadth of products, equipment and services. That’s why the trade fair is the go-to place for rescue service providers and specialists, firefighters, and civil protection personnel. Editions reveal the latest in technological achievements and best practices. Interschutz also provides new talent opportunities to train and get a sense of potential career paths. The event has moved to a hybrid format and will now devote more of its exhibition space to Digitalization & Transformation.

Next on our list is A+A, which takes place in Dusseldorf every two years. The trade focuses on the safety and security supply chain, but in the context of your professional life. All products and services are grouped according to Security at work, Safety at work and Health at work. A+A has a central place in Europe as a large meeting point for defence professionals. The emphasis on new technologies has become even more pronounced as the 2021 edition saw the introduction of new areas and events that directly examine the practicality of robotics and AI. These would be the Robotics Park & ​​Self-experience Space, where visitors can experience work with exoskeletons in real time and real conditions.

DSEI moves beyond civilian security needs and is a primarily military and defence trade fair. The event takes place in London, UK every two years. DSEI is incredibly comprehensive. Visitors can look through 60 distinct product categories that cover weapons, tactical equipment, ammunitions, emergency equipment, first aid equipment, infrared systems and radar equipment. Right now the focus falls on cybersecurity as international conflict has now moved in the realm of the digital. So learn all there is about electronic warfare, telecommunication systems and high-tech surveillance. Added to the core exhibition zones are the Future Tech, Manufacturing, Medical and Space hubs.

Again in London, there’s IFSEC. Now this trade fair services the needs of the fire protection and security industry. Discover groundbreaking work across security systems, alarm systems, CCTV, video surveillance systems, internet security systems, security locks, biometrics and fire protection systems. IFSEC facilitates business on a high international level and consistently ranks high among big buyers. The event’s success has led to the successful franchising to Southeast Asia, India and the Philippines. Alongside all manner of product launches and live demonstrations, attendees can experience a lot of side programming like webinars, white papers, seminars and keynotes.

We round off our list with Eurosatory in Paris, France. The biennial exhibition is an institution with a history that spans close to sixty years. As an event for the military, defence and security sectors, Eurosatory is indispensable. It’s one of the largest meeting places for high-ranking officials and military personnel in the world. There are 39 national pavilions and over 200 official delegations. Exhibitors give the full overview of land vehicles, helicopters, homeland security, civil security and emergency response, airland systems, anti IED, CBRNe, weapons, peacekeeping means. The static displays are then complimented by a series of live demonstrations that simulate real situations for security forces like RAID, GIGN, Prefecture of Police (with the BRI and the BSPP), Special Forces and the Army.

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