25 May 2021

5 Exhibitions for the Pets and Animal Husbandry Sector That Should Be on Your Radar

5 Exhibitions for the Pets and Animal Husbandry Sector That Should Be on Your Radar

Our relationship with other animals has been foundational to our civilizations whether that’s been to grow animals for companionship, labor or nutrition. The last decade has seen a transformation in how we treat animals. The push for ethical animal treatment, especially in the farming sector, is quickly changing how we approach breeding, feeding, caring and then processing animals. Then there is the topic of doing this not just in an ethical way, but also in an environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion.

That’s why exhibitions have become even more relevant in recent years and we’ve selected the five most important events for related industries operating within Europe.

First on the list we have EuroTier. This international exhibition is based in Hannover, Germany and is held once every two years. As with many events in this industry, it’s open to professionals and the general public, so exhibitors have an easier time networking across every link in the supply chain. The focus of EuroTier falls on animal husbandry and has risen to the height of a truly global leader. How do you breed animals and care for their health? What are the best housing situations? What about feeding and health? All of this is explained in great detail thanks to high-profile brands and an extensive support program.

Interzoo offers insights and business opportunities for exhibitors specialized in the pet industry rather than farming and livestock. Also based in Germany, Interzoo has established itself as a big meeting point in Europe. Editions are held once every two years. The strength of the exhibition is that no pet group is left unrepresented. Cats, dogs, rodents, birds, ornamental fish and terrarium animals are all present and accounted for, which is all the incentive wholesalers, pet shop chains and online retailers need to attend. Interzoo targets professionals only and has a high concentration of experts and specialists. Exhibitors are able to showcase in front of a fully targeted audience.

We’re leaving Germany and head towards France for the annual Sommet de l'Elevage summit for animal husbandry and livestock. This four-day event operates out of a large expanse of green land at Clermont-Ferrand-Cournon and is geared towards livestock competitions and breeding. You’ll see the full spectrum of breeding programs, equipment, feed and related products. Perhaps the most attractive part of the show are the animal competitions. The Holstein championship, Ardennais draft-horse championship, Aubrac national championship and the Romane sheep breed presentation are a few of the over 60 competitions held during Sommet de l'Elevage. That’s not counting the award ceremonies and numerous conferences held each day.

The Kent County Show is an important event in the tradition of the great British county shows whose mission is to promote farmers and build a sense of community. The Kent County Show has been active for nearly a century, which proves just how essential it is for the region. It’s established and reliable as a source of inspiration, knowledge and direct sales for local exhibitors. Because it’s open to the general public as well as the farming community, there’s a lot of live entertainment as well as retail opportunities. Farmers and animal breeders enjoy excellent resources to network and conduct business. Of course the livestock and equine competitions are the heart and soul of the show.

We wrap up our list with VIV Europe up North in the Netherlands. This international exhibition for animal breeding and animal processing is held in Utrecht. What’s so special about VIV Europe is the fact it’s organised once every four years, which means that no edition is the same. Ever. You get to meet fresh talent and players every time you visit and the assortment of products, equipment and solutions will be entirely new and never before seen. That’s what draws in thousands upon thousands of people to Utrecht in the first place. Another reason to attend VIV Europe is the full representation of the animal processing chain. You start with breeding and care and end up with food engineering, logistics and refrigeration.

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