Trade Shows in Italy
18 Nov 2019

Adjust Your GPS – Trade Fair Trips Head to Italy

Adjust Your GPS – Trade Fair Trips Head to Italy

It’s the height of summer and everyone is in a vacation mood. Although we’re far from ready to go on vacation, we do have the travel bug bad and so far have been going through all the big cities in Europe that host trade fairs and exhibitions. In June we ran through six cities in Germany and in late July/early August we toured three locations in France. Don’t miss out on our discoveries and deals on trade events. Now that it’s August, we think it’s time to hit one of the world’s most loved countries – Italy. The land of pizza, gelato and the Roman Empire.

Italy is much more than just a simple tourist destination – although let’s not lie. In Europe, no other country can compete with the wealth in architecture, art and historical relics Rome can offer. Then there’s Florence, Venice and Bologna – all top tier tourist destinations that attract millions on an annual basis and generate an impressive revenue. This more or less helps Italy to remain 3rd-largest national economy in the Euro Zone, which is quite the impressive feat. If we’re looking at the bigger picture, Italy still ranks high as an economy coming in at 12th place in GDP. It’s no wonder the country is also a preferred host for reputable international events, not to mention the founder of several exhibitions on its own.

Trade and agriculture are its main bread and butter, giving Italy the distinction of being the eight largest exporter in the world, according to 2020 data. This is mostly due to the fact Italy is a founding member of the European Union, the Eurozone, the OECD, the G7 and the G8 – an incredible advantage when it comes to its trading businesses.

While we’re here, Trade Fair Trips will focus on the following locations: Verona, Milan & Bologna

Starting next week, Trade Fair Trips will present you with the most important facts you need to know about Verona as a city and give you a snippet of the events it hosts. Are you unsure what trade fair is best suited for your business? Trade Fair Trips is here to help. Just send us a free enquiry and our team will give you an in-depth consultation to help you make a decision.

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