Automotive Industry
18 Nov 2019


It’s crucial you keep up to date with the latest developments and breakthroughs in the greater automotive industry. There’s a tendency for cars to grow ever faster, while emphasis falls on power consumption, emission control and the incorporation of digitalization. All trends you need to keep in check to be able to grow as company wherever you stand in the value chain or product category.

The easiest way to remain relevant, well-informed and influential in your sector is to pack your suitcase and attend industry events. Not sure which trade fairs and exhibitions are worth your while? Behold your starter pack. We feature five crucial events that should be present in your calendar.

AUTOMECHANIKA An undisputed champion among automotive industry events, this trade fair ensures you gain a full view of the entire service chain from design and production to the aftermarket, recycling and waste disposal. You also have perhaps the widest product ranges on display. A must for companies looking to break into new markets.

IAA COMMERCIAL VEHICLES HANNOVER Moving from the general and into the specialist, this trade fair takes stock of the current achievements and innovations where vans, trucks and buses are considered. The chief focus falls on modernization in order to improve the comfort and quality of transportation.

EICMA MOTO Milan hosts its centennial event for the motorbike industry where you can rely on strong traditions, fair treatment and love for two-wheel vehicles. The trade fair is a mix of B2B and B2C programming, which allows exhibitors a breadth of options where their wares are considered.

INTERMOT COLOGNE The other crucial motorcycle trade fair is coming to Cologne with the support of over 1000 manufacturers and 200,000 trade visitors, making it an event worthy to circle in your calendar. From speed machines to friendly scooters, you see the full spectrum of bike options and stay ahead of crucial trends, which will impact your business.

REIFEN What do cars, trucks and motorcycles all have in common? They need tires and if you’re operating within the tire industry, this is your natural stop whether it’s to strike new partnerships, launch new designs or extend your influence with networking mini-events. It’s a guarantee to put your company on the spot.

Have you found your perfect pairing? It’s time to iron out the details surrounding your trip and for that you have Trade Fair Trips ltd at your service. We have established strong connections across numerous large cities and help you locate suitable accommodation that spares your budget. You gain strategic locations with great public transport options.