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3 Oct 2022

DMEXCO 2022 Was Another Home Run for the Wider Digital Business Community

DMEXCO 2022 Was Another Home Run for the Wider Digital Business Community

A Closer look at DMEXCO 2022 in a Post-Pandemic World

DMEXCO occupies a particular spot in the digital economy industry just as digitalisation, AI and connectivity are ramping up and transforming how we do work, what work is and what the needs of companies are at the moment. The international trade fair brings in the whole community for two days in Cologne, Germany. It’s a mixture of exhibition and conference, which translates to a solid turnout every edition.

Organisers are still calculating the total number of visitors for DMEXCO 2022, but we do know that there were 560 partners, who provide a comprehensive overview of trends and solutions within marketing and advertisement. You hear from household names such as Yahoo, Google, Pinterest, Snap, SAP, Shopware and Digital Pixelpark.

In previous editions, the audience reached 41,500 trade visitors. Here you have the top of the top in attendance: marketing decision makers, agencies, marketers, digital professionals & advertisers. These are the people that lead their companies and are in charge of purchases. As an exhibitor, you don’t want to be anywhere else but here.

Think of all the contacts, all the wonderful networking and the superior sales leads.

A Conference That Has Truly No Rival

DMEXCO can’t really be separated from its conference. Knowledge exchange is baked right into its DNA and that’s why the conference continues to grow. In 2022, the conference expanded by 2 new stages to a total of 14 and now over 770 speakers lined up to make announcements, share deep insights and provide valuable information on emerging technologies.

Organisers report high level of satisfaction with the topics as well as the speakers – Matt Brittin (President, Google EMEA at Google), Sir Martin Sorrell (CEO & Founder at S4 Capital and WPP),

Maurine Alma (Chief Marketing Officer at Just Eat and Dr. Karsten Wildberger (CEO at MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group). Of course, we can go on, but you get the point. These are the experts and leaders at the very top of the food chain. Each session has the potential to be a moment in history kind of like how Matt Brittin announced the end of third-party cookies.

The President of Google EMEA clarified that “We’re moving to a world without third-party cookies. That’s the world users want, that’s the world governments expect from us. And that means we have to rethink the technology on which the whole web advertising system is built, building new privacy-first solutions.”

The conference is divided in two main stages Red (business, media and marketing) and Blue (all about technology and innovation) and several topic stages. These mainly focus on e-commerce, media, tech and agencies and correspond to the World of Areas. Finally, there are the masterclasses that give a more practical approach to sharing information through presentations, case studies and interactive product tests. Here visitors are invited to shorten the distance between themselves and the speaker and become an active participant.

Disruptors & Inventors Thrive at DMEXCO

The digital economy is founded on innovation! As such, startups are especially revered, celebrated and watched with an eagle’s eye. It’s among these companies that the next big thing hides and the next big technological revolution lies. Naturally, the Start-up Village holds the most interest for visitors, many of which are looking to invest. The topic of the day is the speed at which NFTs have infiltrated the market and the general trends in crypto currencies. What’s ahead in the future? What will happen to intermediaries and brokers? You can learn all about at the village.

A Taste of web3

Future technology meets digital business. This is the promise of the X DMEXCO 2022 exclusive event. A lot has been speculated about the look and feel of web3, but now you know> This special event gives participants a chance to actually submerge themselves into the Metaverse – a hot topic in the last few years. Not to mention a lot of programming useful to crypto-natives, NFT-newbies and all digital experts. Naturally, additional value is derived from being able to prod the minds of the pioneers of web3 at the networking area.

DMEXCO x Digiday Online – There’s Always Something More

The story doesn’t end after the main event has passed and everyone has flown home. No, you still have something to look forward to. DMEXCO 2022 presents a special day of virtual programming and networking called DMEXCO X Digiday. The virtual event is held on September 27th on the DMEXCO Digital Event Platform. The entire event is made free to participate and promises a lot of English-language sessions on key digital marketing challenges and opportunities. We start at data privacy and head off to the new horizons of the metaverse.

The networking capabilities are incredible as the event helps you get in touch with professionals too far away to travel to Cologne. That’s a great secondary way to boost the number of contacts you make, and gain access to exclusive partner content such as whitepapers and downloadables.

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