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18 Nov 2019

The Trade Fairs and Exhibition in Dubai

The Trade Fairs and Exhibition in Dubai

Another Wednesday, another trip to a modern, cosmopolitan city that’s a perfect location to visit as part of a business trip. Last week, we gave you the brief introduction on the UAE as a whole and today we’ll be stopping on a fan favorite – Dubai. Before we go on to the details and trade fairs, please be aware we’ve made a series of articles dedicated to cities and events hosted in Germany, France and Italy before this!

As already discussed, the United Arab Emirates rely on petrol and oil as the foundation for the economy currently in place – this can be seen in the fact both Shell and General Motors have opened offices in the city. However, Dubai has managed to diversity with a focus on finance and information technology. Accountancy firms find Dubai an attractive location to open their offices – a process that further brings money in local economy. At the same time, you have an increasing number of national and locally incorporated international banks, turning Dubai into a financial centre in its own right and with growing significance on a global scale.

In terms of other industries, manufacturing and technological sectors with AT&T, Heinz, HP, Cisco, Arabia, Compaq, IBM and Sony all having an office in Dubai. Beverages, chemicals, paper, pharmaceuticals and rubber are among the chief products manufactured and sold off. A brand new draw is the Dubai Internet City, whose inception had to do with fostering fertile achievements in the technological industry. This Internet City resides in a free trade zone - the main draw and advantage for a lot of companies, since this allows for a full foreign ownership over what’s then sold. Given this information it’s no surprise to find out Dubai is friendly to trade fairs and exhibitions.

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre impresses all who visit it thanks to its sheer size and visionary architectural design. The numbers themselves speak highly with over 500 events every year – that’s more than one event per day hosted! This draws in a great flow of people, which has been currently estimated to stand at 2.74 million visitors on average. Not a small number! The reason is simple – superior service and flexible spaces, which mold to fit the requirements of the organizers.

Organizers have access to multipurpose halls, which live up to their names, as each varies in size and interior. You have spaces suitable for an intimate presentation with a cap of just 500 to spacious halls taking on around 12,000 visitors – perfect for stands and demonstrations. All spaces feature the latest high-tech audio-visual equipment to meet even the most demanding presentation requirements.

ARAB HEALTH: Scheduled for the period in late January – early February, this trade fair focuses on the scientific and technological breakthroughs in the medical field along with a focus on continuing medical education of professionals. In attendance, you have over 130,000 trade visitors from around the world. 3D printing is expected to be the hottest trends to see in action at the 3D Medical Printing Zone.

GULFOOD EXHIBITION: From raw ingredients and manufacturing to the intricacies of packaging and shipping, this international trade fair gives you a thorough insider look into the food industry in the Middle East. More than 5000 exhibitors are set to visit at the end of February – the beginning of March. Special areas include the Emirates Salon Culinaire, the Export Advice Clinic and the Gulfood Awards.

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Next week, we’re taking you to another Emirate – Abu Dhabi! Stay tuned for more events and more informative presentations on exhibition centres and local economy. We’ll be waiting for you and if you have a destination in mind for our series, please be sure to share it with us in an email or a comment below!

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