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18 Nov 2019

Doing Business in Hong Kong is Lucrative – Here Some Key Events

Doing Business in Hong Kong is Lucrative – Here Some Key Events

Are you following our brief exploration of Asia? It was inevitable for us to stop at one of the most popular cities in that region – Hong Long. We’ve prepared information on the city’s two leading exhibition centres and three massive events, but first let’s cast an eye on the past. We started presenting fairs and shows since June and have covered Germany, France, Italy, the UAE and now China. Be sure to catch up with all presentations!

Right, onto Hong Kong! As we briefly profiled its economy in our initial article on economies and industries, Hong Kong has limited resources. This places it in a position to be an importer of foods and goods – a vulnerable position for sure. You have to understand, however, that the city is fine as it functions as a large international financial centre of great significance and it’s safe to say its capitalist economy that ranks consistently as the freest since the mid-90s. This fact contributes to the high presence of international conglomerates opening their corporate headquarters in Hong Kong.

To give you a more precise picture, the four pillars in Hong Kong are currently trading and logistics, tourism, financial services, and professional services and other producer services. These bear the brunt of the economy, but there’s currently a push for differentiation with the position of cultural and creative, medical and education services, testing and certification services, innovation and technology, and environmental industries.

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, or HKCEC for short, has been the chief exhibition centre in Hong Kong in operation since 1988. Reflecting the affluence and wealth of Hong Kong, it’s been constructed with a large capacity in mind. This is reflected best in the over 306,000 square meters devoted to exhibition grounds and meeting spaces. If you want to learn just how successful the centre has been, here are some statistics. The HKCEC has been the stage for 44,000 events and counting since it first opened its doors, totaling this to over 92 million visitors – 2.38 million per year on average. Continuous renovations and upgrades are carries out to ensure the HKCEC maintains its competitive edge by meeting organizers’ high standards and demands for excellence.

AsiaWorld-Expo emerges as the younger exhibition center with a more modern design as it’s been opened in late 2005 and strives to meet the needs of every organizer’s vision for a trade fair, trade show or exhibition. The building boasts 70,000 square metres of rentable space, in which there are 10 ground-level, column-free, high specification halls that total to the 66,000 square meters out of the whole setup. Given the absence of columns, each hall allows for the complete modification to create a suitable layout for any event and to make the centre even more inviting, there are organiser offices, meeting rooms, catering outlets and restrooms for each. Need more of an impact? Please head on to the Arena with a capacity of 14,000 seats in total, dimmable audience lighting, integrated spotlight platforms and so much more.

Given that both major exhibition centres are superior in their scale and facilities, Hong Kong is a popular host for significant exhibitions and fairs. Case in point, we’re going to highlight a few of the upcoming events in the first half of the year.

HKTDC HONG KONG TOYS AND GAMES FAIR: Opening the event calendar year is this large-scale fair dedicated to technical innovations in the toys and games industry. The event is frequented by over 2,000 exhibitors and more than 45,000 professionals, all looking for a good deal and the next hottest items. Product categories are diverse featuring everything from the staple brand name products and sports-related toys to augmented reality, smart-tech toys and the emerging kitdult sector.

HKTDC HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND, GEM & PEARL SHOW: In late February and early March, you have the chance to participate in one of the grandest fairs dedicated to the precious stones and gems market. Along with the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, this show attracted over 80,000 professional buyers with large budgets for the purpose. If you want some direct sales, recognition and reputation, this is where you’ll want to position yourself as an exhibitor or a buyer.

HOFEX: This exhibition is celebrating 30 years in May and during this time it’s been a leader for the fine food, drinks and hospitality equipment and supplies sector. Numbers speak for themselves – over 2500 high-end exhibitors from all over the world and over 40,000 trade visitors. It’s the platform you need to launch yourself into new markets, gain recognition and gain insight as to the newest across every product category from meat, tea leaves and wines to foodservice equipment, bakery equipment and catering.

This concludes our presentations of trade fairs and exhibitions in Hong Kong. Last stop on this short tour of Asia will be Japan, so be sure to come back here next Wednesday. You’ll not regret it! Trade Fair Trips ltd is here to offer you a truly flexible travel service when it comes to your business trips. You don’t have to look days on end for suitable hotels as we’ll be here to send you the best hotel deals and discounts – no matter the price range, no matter the destination.

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