Aerospace, Airport Technology
18 Nov 2019



It’s been a short while since aviation has become the most desired path for the transportation of people, materials and goods over great distances. This certainly has made the world what it is today and current scientific and engineering efforts seems to push for a better, safer way to improve the field. You can say there’s a mild technological revolution going on and if you’ll remain competitive, you have to be there where conversations happen. Trade Fair Trips ltd is here to give a helping hand to companies that can benefit from taking on the role of either exhibitor or trade visitor. The best way we know how is to point you in the direction of major upcoming exhibitions that boost credibility and visibility for those that do participate.

AIRPORT SHOW We begin this least with a significant B2B international exhibition that represents current technological advancements in airport equipment and airport building. The upcoming edition is going to run through the beginning of May in Dicec, Dubai. You can expect a strong representation of senior air travel industry members in the 7500 trade visitors projected to attend. Over 300 companies are expected to join the program this year. You won’t find a better way to position yourself on global markets than here!

EBACE Geneva, Switzerland acts as host to this vital international exhibition dedicated to technological progress in the fields of aviation and aerospace. As a specialist event, it’s set to attract more than 500 exhibitors that display equipment, engines, systems and more than 60 aircrafts for the over 13,000 trade visitors to see and interact with. The event is going to take place at the end of May and is a perfect chance to explore the current cutting-edge solutions and applications being introduced as well as to network and conduct business.

AIRCRAFT INTERIORS EXPO A major supplementary exhibition for the aviation sector, the AIRCRAFT INTERIORS EXPO showcases innovative designs in the field of aircraft interiors. Scheduled for early April in Hamburg, Germany, the exhibition is expected to bring in close to 600 exhibitors and over 8000 trade visitors that represented high-ranking buyers and aircraft manufacturer. The marketplace is where you can hope to close the biggest deals for the year, while the support program discusses current trends in international markets. Our brief overview has come to its end and we hope to have informed you where you can take your business venture next.

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