1 Dec 2021

Take a Look at the 5 Trade Fairs Making an Impact in the Jewellery and Watchmaking Industry Worldwide

Take a Look at the 5 Trade Fairs Making an Impact in the Jewellery and Watchmaking Industry Worldwide

Developing a refined taste for luxury goods is a process. A muscle that needs to be trained again and again to always know what’s in style. Brands, which wish to be regarded as taste makers, then have to seek out those marketplaces where the giants change the course of the industry.

We’ve done our best to select five trade fairs known for their international influence across gems, jewels, jewellery and timepieces. These are the events that set trends, make headlines and reveal cutting-edge technology to the rest of the world. In short, you simply can’t miss them!

HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show gives visitors a glimpse into the jewellery industry in China and surrounding regions. If you’re looking into how to break into the Asian market, HKTDC is the way to go. It’s the natural meeting place for regional manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. You have a front row seat to the most exciting developments in the jewellery sector alongside some high-end timepiece collections.

Although finished pieces are front and center, HKTDC also places an emphasis on jewellery raw materials. Designers can compete for the attention of major buyers by entering the hotly cutthroat Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition. International designers, you too can shine – there’s the International Jewellery Design Excellence Award. Earning yourself a trophy is a high honour and solidifies your prospects to establish your brand in Asia.

Next we’re headed west to the birthplace of high-precision watchmaking – Switzerland. There’s a lot of discussion about HourUniverse, which is the brainchild of MCH Group as a new replacement of the well-established Baselworld. A lot of focus was put into refining the trade fair to meet the needs of watchmakers and jewelers altogether.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the plans to launch HourUniverse for a future point in time. In the meantime, professional visitors can still attend Baselworld, which has been slightly retooled to accommodate smaller brands and unlock the mid-range luxury segment. The pandemic has also led organisers to the inclusion of a digital platform as a way to keep buyers and brands in contact throughout the year, even if meeting face to face is hard to do.

In Germany, we’re headed to INHORGENTA MUNICH – the undisputed champion in the luxury lifestyle sector. Top buyers and retailers buy tickets to see the hottest of the hot jewelry and watch collections from seasoned brands and veterans. Luxury goods are still all the rage and the Couture Pavilion brings to life opulence and decadence. More is more. These brands live up to the spirit of high taste and exclusivity.

INHORGENTA MUNICH attracts every type of tradesman and craftsman. Mineralogists, jewelry designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, appraisers, gemologists, engravers, opticians and electroplating companies are regular visitors, because the trade fair is not just the best networking platform, but a source of valuable information. You have your choice of seminar and discussions on just about every corner of the industry.

Mineral & Gem tells you all you need to know about it right there in its name. This crucial French trade fair takes place in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. Every year professional jewellery makers come to get their pick of minerals, gems, fossils and meteorites, as well as have their collections on display for buyers. In previous years, Mineral & Gem mostly served as a pure trade fair, but now everyone is welcome to attend and look at the beautiful stones on display. If you’re interested in how gems are cut and jewellery made, you can sign up for the rough cutting workshop or the micro-lab workshop.

For our last fair, we’re going to travel south to Italy. More specifically Arezzo. OROAREZZO is the trade show meant to unite the Italian jewellery industry and elevate Made in Italy jewellery. The trade fair is an opportunity to boost and promote the entire processing chain – all done under one roof and in a fun, dynamic format.

Buyers have a chance to experience the best in gems and precious metal, manufacturing companies specialized in processing metals and precious elements, ready-to-buy pieces and even the world of packaging. With a large international pull, OROAREZZO guarantees opportunities to break into new markets and generate considerate sales numbers.

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