10 Dec 2021

The 5 Must-See Trade Fairs for Aerospace & Aviation in the World

The 5 Must-See Trade Fairs for Aerospace & Aviation in the World

Aviation as with most service industries has been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the past two years have been involved with implementing strategies and technologies to adapt to the new landscapes. We’ve selected five terrific trade fairs and exhibitions, which give you an in-depth overview of what’s new, what’s effective and what new niches open up currently.

To begin our list, we have the powerhouse that is AERO. Friedrichshafen, Germany is home to this trade fair for general aviation. Every year in April, AERO demonstrates the full potential of the current generation of aircraft and aviation equipment. The general public will have an excellent time watching some life demonstrations. Available to purchase is everything from drones, business jets and helicopters to air and exercise equipment, cabin equipment, airport equipment, kits and motor gliders. No matter where you position yourself professionally, you can also take advantage of the support program populated with more than a hundred talks and workshops!

Business aviation is a major growing sector in the aviation industry as a whole and EBACE is the go-to exhibition for major decision makers to network and invest. EBACE is typically visited by avionics firms, fractional providers, business leaders and manufacturers. As far as the product portfolio is concerned, EBACE shares an in-depth overview of innovations in aircraft construction, aerospace equipment, aerospace technology and freight handling. The exhibition is held annually in Geneva, Switzerland services the markets on the territory of Europe, though its impact and reach are felt wide across the world.

In Munich, Germany, there’s Inter Airport Europe. If so far we’ve discussed everything about how to get airborne, then this trade fair is all about the infrastructure and the logistics on ground level to make the modern aviation industry possible. Everything that has to do with airports, you will discover in a busy, packed format. From design and IT systems to design and safety, buyers have access to the entire value chain in one place. As such, it’s the natural meeting point between airlines, consultants, developers and architects. Experience all groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge innovations.

Inter Airport Europe has also recently joined together with inter airport China, inter airport South East Asia, NAIS Moscow and the Airport Show Dubai to form the Global Reach Initiative. To be a member of this loyalty programme would mean to have unparalleled access to markets for both suppliers and buyers of airport technology and equipment.

It’s time to head to the UK, where we have one of the historic airshows on the territory of Europe – Farnborough International Airshow. It’s been held since 1948 and is the second largest air show in the world next to Paris Air Show, which we’ll cover next. The format is familiar with all. There’s a first-rate programme aimed at the general public with stunts, choreographed shows and other stalls. Buyers have access to the entire value chain of equipment, technology and aircraft. What makes Farnborough International Airshow stand out is its great variation in aircraft, which covers commercial, civilian and military aviation altogether.

Our last destination is the Paris Air Show in Paris, France, which also happens to be the oldest air show in history with over a century of editions. It’s been held since the beginning of aviation and remains as a beacon of the future. What attracts the hundreds of thousands are the incredible live shows where master pilots take to the sky in beautiful formations and deliver breathtaking tricks and choreography for all to see. The airport serves as the exhibition stage for 150 aircrafts total for potential buyers to examine close at hand as well as see them perform.

The Paris Air Show really positions itself in the heart of the B2B industry with a format designed to help with buyers making informed purchasing decisions. Complimentary to the sheer business potential is a superb meeting programme for further extending your knowledge on new horizons and technologies currently making waves in aviation and aerospace.

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