Marketing, PR & Advertising
18 Nov 2019


Marketing and PR professionals are well-aware, no one succeeds in this industry without the extra work invested in interpersonal communication. It’s why business travelling is such an integral aspect to succeeding overall. Not only do you create a name for yourself, which is the most important thing, but you also remain current regarding changes in practices, become well aware of trends and can influence the market.

To this end, Trade Fair Trips ltd presents your with four events ranging in size and focus to get you prepared and give you options!

DMEXCO: At DMEXCO, you haveve high attendance rates. Close to 1000 exhibitors presenting and over 50,000 trade visitors coming from around the world to attend the two-day event in Cologne in mid-September. It’s a must-go event thanks to its excellent networking program and dedication to tackling a variety of marketing branches from e-commerce to in-game advertising and multi-channel marketing.

MEDIENTAGE MUNCHEN: Head over to Munich in late October for an energetic and highly informative event dedicated to advancements and changes in media. Smart TVs will be a topic of discussion and you need to attend the classic Night of the Media where you’ll rub elbows with broadcasters, publishers, politicians, producers, presenters and journalists. It’s the perfect choice to build name recognition.

CO-REACH: Cross-media is the keyword here and you’ll find yourself in the company of representatives of the interactive, online, mobile and print sectors. Come to Nuremberg in late June to learn what’s new for the industry, check out the competition and talk to clients. The event stakes its claim on the future of cross-media communication strategies thanks to the proliferation of personal tech! It’s a more focused event with close to 300 exhibitors and 6000 visitors.

NEOCOM: Following a 20-year legacy, NEOCOM comes to Dusseldorf in early October to shake the foundations of the industry. It’s a smaller event, which is perfect for the companies who want to grow steadily and find their footing. With 220 exhibitors and over 5000 visitors, it’s easier to make yourself be seen. Topics include dialogue marketing, CRM, sourcing and logistics.

Reached a decision on where to head? Great! Trade Fair Trips ltd is here to help you locate and book the hotel rooms of your dreams. We cater to companies of all financial ability and tailor our offers based on your price range, preference in location and personal tastes. If you are looking for more options, give us a call! We have plenty more events in this category.