Trade Shows in France
18 Nov 2019

Exhibitions in France: A Short Tour Guide

Exhibitions in France: A Short Tour Guide

In June we started a wonderful tour through the major cities acting as hosts for trade fairs in Germany and after 6 destinations starting at Munich and leading to Berlin, we’re done! You can see the road we’ve taken and the events we’ve written about at Exhibitions in Germany. You’ll find detailed profiles on each city, their expo centres and the trade fairs and exhibitions taking place.

It’s too good an idea to keep limited to only country, which is why we decided to pack up and fly over to a different country – metaphorically speaking. We’ve decided on France, because as an economy it ranks 5th in the entire world; certainly impressive. Furthermore, France had a relatively stable adaptation to the hardships created directly after the Recession in 2008 and has made a spectacular recuperation afterwards, with this year marking a high accelerations in the first quarter of the year.

What makes France a perfect host for international trade fairs and exhibitions is its reputation as well as diversity in sectors. Yes, 70% of the GDP come from the service sector, but at the same time, you see constant expansion in the automotive, aerospace and railway sectors. Not to mention its dominance in cosmetics, fashion and luxury goods. Paris is, after all, the style capital of the world.

But even so, we’re going to focus on only three locations, which are of major importance as trade fair hosts: Paris, Bordeaux & Cannes

As with Germany, we’ll have a little talk about the cities’ economy, reveal some interesting facts about their exhibition centres and present you the most anticipated trade fairs coming in the next year.

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