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18 Nov 2019

Let’s Visit the Vineyards at Bordeaux

Let’s Visit the Vineyards at Bordeaux

In our previous post, we showed you Paris. Not the lights or sights. Certainly not the romantic spots. What we gave you was a brief tour of the Paris’ busy event schedule as part of a series focused on major cities in Europe that are hubs for events. Be sure to read our introductions to France as a country and our complete tour of Germany. Trade Fair Trips ltd has selected only the most prominent events scheduled in Bordeaux, which reveal the city’s spirit. Want more suggestions? Instructions are below! Bordeaux exists in culture as the city with the wine and they’re correct. Largely. Wine is not just silly marketing, but serious business. Numbers reveal there are over 14,000 producers as well as 400 wholesale dealers. That’s an impressive achievement for a city which clocks its population at roughly 700,000 residents (that’s counting all the suburbs). It also helps that Bordeaux is a port city, which makes exporting wine all the easier. Not to mention that it’s an entry point in the country and boosts trade and logistics.

What’s a fact few know is that there’s a booming support for sophisticated technologies. The city has over 5000 researchers and the aeronautical, space and defence industries are greatly important for the job market. With this revelation, it’s not surprising to see Bordeaux filling out the shoes of an important industrial and service sector – the perfect candidate to host big events for a variety of industries.

Keeping up with its own reputation, Bordeaux has erected a cutting-edge, spacious exhibition space right on Bordeaux Lake. Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux spreads of 84,000 sq. m. of indoor spaces and over 120,000 sq. m. of outdoor spaces. The size along makes this centre the perfect host for a number of events. What furthermore attracts exhibitions and trade shows is the pure versatility of the space. Its design allows for quick adaptation to any requirements so organizers can get the most optimal environment for events.

VINEXPO: Everybody connects Bordeaux with wine making, so it’s no wonder that in June, you’ll have the chance to visit one of the most reputable events for the wine and spirits sector. Organizers predict that there will be 2350 exhibitors and counting with close to 50,000 trade visitors set to arrive. This results in one of the largest wine markets. Not to mention the countless tasting sessions!

VINITECH SIFEL: Continuing the tradition of viniculture in Bordeaux, this event scheduled for late November / early December serves an important function for the effort to grow and cultivate grape. Over 750 exhibitors and 45,000 trade visitors will come see the latest for vineyards and orchards. Product categories here feature tractors, pesticides, vine pruning and maintenance equipment, tillage equipment and crop protection products.

VIVONS MAISON: Later this year in November, you have the chance to witness the hottest designer trends for the home interior. The international trade show sees participation from 300 experts and more than 71,000 visitors all eager to see what the stylish home of the now looks like. You see all major styles from the quaint country house to the industrial urban loft represented. Not to mention the House of Novelty!

Here is where we conclude out journey through Bordeaux. The three events we featured are exemplary of the traditions and sophistication, which this great city is known for around the world. Trade Fair Trips ltd has more industry events located here in our database, in case you haven’t found your industry. Send your free enquiry form and our team will advise you on the right event for your needs. Not to mention we’ll organize your trip for you!

Stay with us for next week’s destination – the unforgettable, elegant Cannes! You might only recognize this city from its association with the film festival, but there’s far more to it!

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