Exhibitions in Leipzig, Germany for Clocks

Leipzig is an influential centre for the clock and watchmaking industry in Germany as the host of the celebrated MIDORA trade fair. The city is where major business deals take place whenever the international watchmaking community comes together during MEDORA. Aside from the great networking opportunities, the trade fair places emphasis on continuing the watchmaking tradition in the country alive and well by promoting training opportunities for students, aiming to inspire the next generation of craftsmen and women. At MIDORA, interested young individuals have the unique chance to explore three exciting apprenticeships: watchmaker, goldsmith and wooden toy maker. The goal is to showcase the diverse career paths available in the craft industry and address the pressing issue of a shortage of young talent and skilled workers. With forecasts painting a dramatic picture of this shortage, the industry is seeking innovative solutions. MIDORA 2023 hosted a panel discussion featuring four experts who outlined possible solutions and concrete measures to address the talent shortage in the craft industry. One of the highlights of MIDORA was the opportunity to learn about training programs to become a watchmaker, presented by specialists from the Glashütte Otto Lilienthal watchmaking school. According to Heiko Stefan, head of the department, the demand for watchmakers remains strong with job opportunities available not only in Glashütte but also throughout Germany. Visitors to the fair can even try their hand at assembling watches at the Glashütte Watchmaking School stand, gaining firsthand experience of the craftsmanship involved. The Central Association for Watches, Jewelry and Timekeeping Technology is also actively engaged in addressing the talent shortage. Albert Fischer, a representative of the association, highlighted their funding program and plans for a nationwide roadshow aimed at engaging young people directly. Despite the lack of political support, Fischer emphasizes the importance of collaboration among industry partners to tackle this challenge collectively.

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