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Trondheim ,Norway
Sports, Horses, Hunting, Fishing, Yachting
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2 years

Nor-Fishing and Covid-19

The 2020 edition of Nor-Fishing was quite successful. The international trade show responded admirably to the main challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. This included launching a completely digital edition to ensure that attendees can engage in networking and conduct business safely. Nor-Fishing 2022 is already in the planning stages and will take place as a hybrid event between 24.08.2022 and 26.08.2022. Trondheim Spektrum will not incorporate strict COVID-19 prevention measures as part of the event concept due to the country removing its domestic and travel restrictions due to the improving pandemic situation. 


Nor-Fishing presents visitors with innovative equipment, accessories, and systems in the fishing industry. As an international trade fair, it has been going back six decades as the very first edition dates back to 1960, which means that this upcoming edition in 2020 marks a historic moment. This means a special program with even more seminars, mini-conferences, lectures, debates, and presentations.

Nor-Fishing has always been a major platform for cross-border sales, as exhibitors made it a point to organise new product launches. Every edition has opened a new chapter for the industry. As an exhibitor, there’s no better place where you could otherwise be. Just look at the product portfolio - fish processing, fishing boats, fishing equipment, fishing ports, cooling devices, electronics, environmental protection, packaging, research, safety equipment


Nor-Fishing finds its home in Trondheim, Norway, where it has been returning to the summers over the course of sixty years. Editions last for a total of four days and usually are scheduled around for the second half of August. Trondheim Spektrum serves as the official venue and the organiser is the specially created Nor-Fishing Foundation.

Currently there is no official information on what the opening hours are going to look like, but what we do know is that admission is given to both professional visitors and the general public. Trondheim is a historic and scenic town, which is easy to navigate by visitors and you won’t have any issues driving to the exhibition centre.

In terms of public transport, you can rely on a reliable bus system. Many chose to walk or cycle. The city centre is also to be found in a short distance away.

What can you expect as an exhibitor?

  • Meeting who’s who in the Scandinavian fishery market. Nor-Fishing prides itself to be the heart of the industry and you can see this on its site, which markets the exhibition as the “industry’s meeting place”. This is not an over exaggeration – you’re in a prime position to increase your professional network and find the right audience to sell!
  • Support from the Norwegian Royal Family. It’s not unlikely to have representatives of the Royal Family come and open the exhibition. One of the biggest highlights was back in 2014, when Her Majesty Queen Sonja herself fulfilled the role.
  • Opportunities to showcase floating equipment outside the exhibition centre. Nor-Fishing also has access to Skansen on the waterfront, which offers modern harbour facilities to fully accommodate boats and other floating equipment.

Audience & statistics

Do you still have some doubts regarding the financial potential at Nor-Fishing? Let’s examine the data set from last edition to disprove this. As an exhibitor, you will be competing with other 500 and counting suppliers, who have spread themselves over the entire product chain.

In turn, you’ll be showcasing your equipment and solutions to an audience that is about to hit 20,000 visitors – this number takes into account the general public and professional visitors. This much attention is good for business and you’re bound to return home with a good amount of sales leads.

In terms of the markets, the audience represents 60 countries with a strong focus on the Scandinavian region and Europe at large, but some presence from the US and Asia.


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