Vinexpo Paris 2025

Vinexpo Paris 2025

Paris, France
10-12 Feb 2025
1 year
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Vinexpo Paris

A premier event for the wine industry

Vinexpo Paris is an exclusive B2B trade show that is hosted every two years and was founded in 2020. COMEXPOSIUM and VINEXPO are the two companies that organise the trade show. It coincides with the trade fair known as Wine Paris and attracts more than 31,000 visitors. This includes leading wine industry players. This is because the fair allows attendees to further their specialist knowledge. It also provides opportunities for networking and recognition. Participants can also gain insight into the alcoholic beverage industry. 

Vinexpo Paris 2025

Vinexpo Paris 2025 will take place between 10.02.2025 and 12.02.2025. The event will be hosted as a face-to-face trade show. The Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in France will host Vinexpo Paris 2024.

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On foot:

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50 minutes when travelling from Charles de Gaulle Airport

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Vinexpo Paris is a trade show that attracts professionals from all sectors, including:

  • Vineyard owners
  • Wine buyers
  • Mixologists
  • Brewers
  • Bartenders
  • Sommeliers
  • Bar managers
  • Event planners/managers
  • Viticulturists
  • Chefs
  • Wine critics and writers
  • Wine consultants
  • Brewery/distillery/restaurant managers
  • Distributors
  • Wine club managers
  • Winegrowers and winemakers 
  • Importers/exporters
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Retailers
  • Distillers
  • Wine educators
  • Vineyard workers
  • Beverage managers
  • Cellar managers

Among the leading exhibitors are enterprises such as Crenn Dining Group and Aldi. Attending industries include viticulture, hospitality, retail, wholesale, food & beverage, media, and import/export. 

Participants can achieve several business objectives by attending Vinexpo Paris. This includes collaborating with other experts and expanding one's expert knowledge. Furthermore, the fair allows specialists to learn about the newest industry trends. Attendees can also gain an overview of the industry as well as recognition. The event schedule can assist participants in achieving such goals. This is due to the programme providing opportunities via its sub-events. The theme zones are among the central sub-events that attendees should consider attending. Vinexpo Paris is divided into six themed zones:

  • La Nouvelle Vague
  • L‘Avenue
  • WOW! World of Organic Wines
  • Wine Tech Perspectives
  • Be Spirits
  • Communal International Area

The "La Nouvelle Vague" area is quite popular among aspiring winegrowers and producers. This is because the location allows them to network and increase brand awareness. Such attendees can take part by acquiring a personal exhibition counter. Such a counter allows them to present their innovative cuvees to interested participants. Additionally, the area allows them to discuss partnerships with visitors. Attendees that have been in the wine production industry for less than five years are eligible to take part. They must also not have the 4th vintage of a domain created, acquired, or purchased after 2015. Start-up brand creators can participate if they do not produce more than 50,000 bottles per year. The "Avenue" is a special zone that promotes emerging and established brands. It provides attendees with the opportunity to taste wines in a Boulevard Haussmann-style setting. This is because the sub-event simulates the Boulevard Haussmann window-shopping experience. This is achieved by having leading hotels and restaurants display brands via shopfront displays. Such showcases allow participants to sample the brands in an elegant atmosphere. This can assist them in determining whether the brand is appropriate for their business.

"WOW! World of Wines" can also be of immense help to both established and aspiring producers. This is because the event space allows specialists to introduce organic/biodynamic wines. Start-ups and leading producers can gain recognition by displaying or tasting such products. They can also connect with winemakers, caterers, wine traders, and restaurateurs. "Wine Tech Perspectives" also provides study opportunities. It is a special purpose zone that displays the newest market trends and innovations. This can be helpful for specialists looking to further their field of expertise. Furthermore, the theme zone allows start-ups and leading professionals to receive recognition. This is because the area allows attendees to take part as speakers. A variety of conference sessions are held in the event zone. Participants can gain knowledge about topics such as digitalisation during the sessions. This can be beneficial for specialists looking to improve their business.

The exhibition area for bartenders and liqueur producers is known as "Be Spirits." It takes place at the Infinite Bar, a 50-metre display space for approximately 20 bars. Each bar showcases the newest mixology techniques and artisan brands. Specialists such as mixologists and importers attend "Be Spirits." It also receives buyers and distributors. Retailers, event planners, and restaurant owners also visit the themed zone. The area also attracts media representatives, distributors, and e-commerce companies. "Be Spirits" enables start-ups and established companies to receive recognition and network. Professionals can also learn about new mixology and alcoholic beverage sector trends. Examples include the types of spirits that are currently popular. The Communal International Area is an area that features fine wines from 20 nations. Greece, Argentina, Georgia, New Zealand, and South Africa are among the represented countries. The zone allows wine experts to taste wines from the world's most prestigious regions. They can also find prospective partners.

Attendees should consider expanding their networking opportunities via the One-to-Wine Meetings. This is a service that allows the participants to organise business meetings. These meetings will then be held in special-purpose meeting locations. Examples of such spaces include the restaurants and hotels in the "L'Avenue" area. Participants should also consider the Vinexpo Academy as a must-visit micro-event. This is due to the event's providing opportunities to discuss potential partnerships. It additionally enables learning about different challenges. This is a micro-event that includes wine tastings, masterclasses, and conferences. Attendees can gain information on topics such as the latest market trends. Attendees can also take part in the sub-event as speakers. This, in turn, will provide recognition and networking opportunities. 

Professionals from several industries should consider attending Vinexpo Paris. This includes experts such as:

  • F & B experts, including alcoholic beverage producers,
  • Hospitality specialists like hotel managers
  • Wholesale experts
  • Catering professionals such as chefs 
  • Professionals in the retail industry, including wine merchants
  • Sommeliers and other viticulture professionals should
  • Statistical Data and Participants of Vinexpo Paris

Vinexpo Paris is a trade fair that attracts over 30,000 attendees. This is because of the trade show's significance for the alcoholic beverage industry. The first edition, for example, featured 29.280 trade visitors and 2,800 exhibitors. Professionals from 126 countries attended the trade show. This includes countries such as:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Chile
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • The United States of America:
  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Portugal
  • China

Vinexpo Paris is organised every two years by COMEXPOSIUM and VINEXPO. The three-day event is held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Visiting hours are between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. during the first two days. They can attend the fair between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the final day.

Reaching the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from the main transport hubs is straightforward. This is because of the public transport connections that link the venue with the stations. For example, the Porte de Versailles is 66 minutes by bus from the Charles de Gaulle airport. Similarly, the journey from the Gare du Nord train station to the venue will take 36 minutes. Due to its location, the convention centre is easily accessible from local municipalities. Versailles is one such example; it is a 27-minute bus commute from the convention centre. Similarly, Meaux is a 69-minute bus commute from the host site.

Paris has a comprehensive public transport system comprised of trains, buses, and metros. This allows access to the metropolis from other nations with ease. Visitors can, for example, access the city by train from Madrid. The transportation system also helps to save time when travelling between city sections. For example, attendees can travel to Pontoise from the Gare du Nord station by bus in 41 minutes. Similarly, the travel time from Saint-Denis to Charles de Gaulle airport is 47 minutes. Paris is a large city with a wide range of lodging options. In areas like Le Marais, attendees can select from more than 1,000 hostels, hotels, apartments and guest houses. Visitors can also choose from many restaurants, cafés, and bakeries. Bars, nightclubs, and tearooms are also available as dining options. When considering lodging areas, opt for the Bastille as well as the Champs-Élysées.

Vinexpo Paris 2020 Edition

Vinexpo Paris 2020 was the debut edition of the event. It featured 29,280 visitors, with 95% conveying a high level of satisfaction with the event. The debut edition also featured 600 media representatives and 2,800 exhibitors. Many participants affirmed their attendance at Vinexpo Paris 2022.

Vinexpo Paris 2022 Edition

Vinexpo Paris 2022 was the second edition of the event. It featured a total of 25.739 trade visitors and 2.864 exhibitors. 77% of the attending visitors had prime influence in the process of making wine-buying decisions. 51% of the visitors represented the import, wholesale, and distribution sectors, while another 17% presented the hospitality industry. 32% of the visitors were also wine merchants or specialist chain representatives.  

Vinexpo Paris 2023 Edition

Vinexpo Paris 2023 featured several new attendance records. This included a 25% increase in the number of international exhibitors. This was because of the 3,387 exhibitors representing 49 nations. Additionally, the fair featured a 41% increase in visitor attendance due to a total of 36,334 visitors from 149 countries attending. Of this group, 38% represented a foreign nation including Italy, Spain, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Albania, Argentina, the USA, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Portugal, South Africa, Japan, and Uruguay. This was due to the presence of 15 ambassadors. Such statistics signified an 85% increase in the number of international visitors.

Vinexpo Paris 2024 Edition

The 2024 editions of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris were hosted as live trade fairs. They featured approximately 3,400 exhibitors from around 53 countries and over 40,000 visitors.

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