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WeinFruhling Dusseldorf

WeinFruhling Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf ,Germany
Food & Beverage, Wines
Organizer :
weberMESSE GmbH
Event website
Event website :
WeinFruhling Dusseldorf
1 year

WeinFruhling Düsseldorf 2022 will occur as a live exhibition at the Rheinterrasse Düsseldorf. The edition will take place between 5/03/2022 and 6/03/2022. The venue will feature the latest COVID-19 safety measures including social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing. 

The wine and spirits sector is going to host an international exhibition that’s always been the talk of the town for Düsseldorf, Germany and we, of course, mean the WeinFruhling Düsseldorf. Boasting an impressive beverage selection that include more than 900 wine sorts and vintages from all around the world, including several multi-winners from the Grand Prix Düsseldorf. Might as well get your accommodation for WeinFruhling Düsseldorf right now from Trade Fair Trips ltd.

No matter how big or small your travel budget is, Trade Fair Trips ltd knows special offers all over price categories, which make our service flexible and affordable. We’re always mindful to locate you in a convenient spot to shorten your commute to boot. The investment is money well spent considering all the tastings you’ll be doing alongside retailers, experts and upscale restaurant owners. WeinFruhling Düsseldorf is made all the more special for its size – only 90 participants will have the pleasure to experience this event. 

Enjoy a wonderful and exciting trip to WeinFruhling Düsseldorf without any stress or hassle by leaving your travel arrangements to Trade Fair Trips ltd.

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