7 Apr 2021

5 Essential Events for the Health & Medical Industry

5 Essential Events for the Health & Medical Industry

We’ve decided to highlight the excellent events leading the medical industry – the global leaders as it were. We have many to choose from as healthcare is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors in the world. With concepts such as personal medicine, wearable medical devices and digitalization medical events become all the more crucial.

After consulting with our database, we’ve come up with events that have a broad appeal to doctors, hospitals and medical facilities as well as specialized focus. Our first trade show takes us East -

Arab Health is your portal to the Middle East and a prime business platform for innovative tech and solutions in the medical industry. The annual trade fair is based in Dubai, UAE and unites the entire region under one roof. The product portfolio extends to the most cutting edge technologies available on the market from imaging and diagnostics to medical equipment and devices.

You’re able to see what the future looks like thanks to healthcare start-ups and SMEs, which will exhibit and present their products at Innov8 Talks. This piece of programming is a great stage to generate buzz and come in contact with driving forces in the industry as a whole. Other sources for innovation include MEDLAB, the Personal Healthcare Technology Zone and the 3D Medical Printing Zone.

If you have a specialized interest in medical technology, then COMPAMED is where you should be heading next. Think everything from HEPA filters and hose systems to disinfection equipment and ECG electrodes. The international trade fair operates out of Dusseldorf, Germany is a prime market for medical suppliers and buyers. Part of its popularity stems from the fact it shares a stage with another juggernaut medical event – MEDICA (more on that later).

Business networking and purchases are the main priority here, but COMPAMED is also a source for new products and a driving force behind product development as a whole. You get to learn all about the next generation of technology at the specialized forums COMPAMED HIGH-TECH and COMPAMED SUPPLIERS FORUMS.

There is perhaps no bigger or more important event for medicine and healthcare in the world other than MEDICA. It’s been long running and the heart of the medical industry in Europe, though now the international trade show has a wide-reaching influence to every content from Asia to the two Americas and Africa. Part of this has to do with just how much products are on display. From diagnostic tests and orthopedic technology all the way to consumer goods.

Buyers travel from far away, because it’s easiest to do all their purchases in one place – Dusseldorf, Germany. Medical professionals also eagerly make the trip thanks to the exceptional conferences and forums taking place. If you want to learn about new research and tech advancements, then sign for the MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM or MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM.

The next stop takes us to London, UK, where the ESC Congress takes place. Unlike all the fairs above, this congress has only one mission – to triumph over cardiovascular disease. It’s the fruit of labour of the European Society of Cardiology and it’s the biggest of its kind in Europe with its visitors being in the tens of thousands. Naturally, the ESC Congress is research oriented.

Visitors can expect thousands of extracts to be presented on a variety of subjects. It’s also important to note that each edition runs under a specific theme like Global Cardiovascular Health in the recent past.

We end on a high note! CPhI Worldwide is the lifeline for the pharmaceutical industry and it’s a hot bed for innovation and business opportunities that’s unrivaled. What’s special about this event is that it’s a flagship of a whole portfolio of interconnected trade fairs, which service the processing chain. The remaining events include ICSE, P-MEC, InnoPack, BioProduction and FDF.

What keeps programming exciting and market prospects fresh is the fact the annual event doesn’t have a permanent home base, but travels around Europe. CPhI Worldwide specifically focuses on APIs, pharmaceuticals, custom manufacturing, excipients, fine chemicals and natural extracts.

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