10 May 2021

5 Events Everyone in Food Processing and Packaging Attend

5 Events Everyone in Food Processing and Packaging Attend

Some things always stay the same. The human need for a hearty, healthy meal and products that awaken all the senses. However, other things change drastically.

Namely, what types of food have risen at the top of the food chain and how the food processing industry is rising to the occasion to meet these demands. Conversations around food processing and packaging emphasize ethics and sustainability not just where recycling is concerned, but also minimizing waste and employing resources better. We have selected five events from different points in the processing line that always push for progress.

Our first stop is ALL4PACK operating out of Paris, France. The international trade show has a lot to offer and every edition tends to be quite unique, because of how often it takes place – namely once every two years. Its one defining strength lies in the all-encompassing product assortment as exhibitors bridge across every major market: plastic, paper and cardboard, glass, metal, wood and alternative materials. Of course, a major focus falls on food packaging.

Questions and concerns regarding the environmental impact of packaging and waste have spurred a real push towards a stronger ecological concept. ALL4PACK 2022 is going to revamp its format to push forward innovations in packaging and intralogistics ecosystems that work for (not against) the environment.

IFFA takes us to Frankfurt, Germany and takes a rather specialized approach to the packaging and processing sector. The trade show centers entirely on the needs of the meat industry and oversees the entire processing chain including selling the products. Editions are held every three years and this spread-out approach helps create a very intense, productive environment for networking and sales. You get to meet everyone relevant to your business and never have to work hard for it.

There’s much to learn and much to achieve. IFFA itself is also preparing for a brand new chapter of its 70-year history. We’re talking about widening its product assortment to plant-based products and alternative proteins. Dietary tastes have changed and more people are opting out of traditional meat products whether for moral or health reasons. Meat alternatives are making huge strides and IFFA will reflect that.

We’re staying in Germany to talk about a trade show based in Dusseldorf – interpack. This is also an event spaced out every three years, which gives exhibitors enough time to present entirely new products to buyers. It’s the perfect platform to gain international recognition and earn-out your maximum potential as an exhibitor. The format represents the entire food industry sector along with beverages, confectionery and baking, and also showcases a lot about pharmaceuticals, non-food products, industrial goods, and cosmetics.

ScanPack operates out of Gothenburg, Sweden and editions are once again held triennially. The international trade show focuses on Scandinavian solutions and trends in packaging whether they are involved in the food and beverages industry or not. ScanPack sets high goals for itself and each edition is organized around different themes. For the upcoming edition, these themes are the new trends and market opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic, digitalization and, of course, the fresh challenges to recycling and sustainability.

This last point is best reflected in the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards and Summit – a high honor to receive and one that celebrates eco-friendly packaging of world-class excellence. In addition to talks and presentations, visitors can also experience the fun side of packaging through the Creative Packaging exhibition area outfitted with a gallery and a workshop for the art of paper folding.

We’re rounding the trip to France again. This time at Rennes, where SPACE is put together every year towards the end of summer. This international trade show is the number one event for farmers and other animal husbandry professionals to come together and socialize. The annual event makes it possible to maintain excellent relationships with buyers and the community in general. There’s everything you might need in the agriculture industry – animal breeding, fertilizers, seeds, feeding stuff, plant protection, and veterinary equipment.

SPACE values innovation and constantly raises the bar when it comes to products. Many brands lock into a fierce competition to win the Innov'Space label on their products, which is an instant guarantee of quality and prestige.

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